Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYPD Arrests Two Suspects In Vicious Assault On Ave M

The NYPD has arrested two suspects for viciously attacking and robbing a 60-year-old Jewish man in Midwood earlier this week.

It appears that both men who were seen in the surveillance video assaulting the man were taken into custody on Thursday evening.

As DIN reported earlier this week, On Monday, December 28, 2015 at 12:48AM, a 55 year-old male victim was walking in front of 809 Avenue M when two male suspects approached him from behind. One of the suspects punched the suspect on the head, knocked him down and continued to punch and kick the victim. Both suspects went through the victim’s pockets and removed his wallet containing credit cards before fleeing on Avenue M toward Ocean Parkway. The victim was treated and released at Maimonides Hospital for scratches and contusions to head, knees and hands.

Thanks to the diligent and persistent work of the NYPD, both men are in custody. Special thanks to the NYPD Patrol Boro Brooklyn South Chief Steven Powers, the Detective Bureau Chief Conry, Chief Eric Rodriguez and Lieutenant Ira (Yitzy) Jablonsky.
Pursuant to an ongoing investigation, the following individuals have been arrested and charged:

Sabovic, Eldin
17-year-old male
992 East 14 Street
Brooklyn, NY
Charge: Robbery 2

Huseinovic, Baskim
19-year-old male
1417 Avenue K
Brooklyn, NY
Charge: Robbery 2


Anonymous said...

Are these guys Serbian or croatian muslims?

Barak Husseinovic Obama said...

Ok, ok, they just happen to be Bosnian / Albanian Muslims, but let's not jump to any conclusions as to their motives as we simply don't know yet.

These poor youth are underprivileged. They did not receive the Sony Playstation they wanted for a Ramadan present and could not control their emotions. They also saw some yummy looking gourmet kosher sandwiches at nearby Pomegranate supermarket that they simply couldn't afford. They see some of the local folks fressing these taanugim all the time and feel deprived. There is a real problem in this country with income parity control. Before I leave office I will level the playing field some more by spreading more wealth from the dastardly "haves" to the "have nots"!

Bubba Clinton said...

Even before Obama started overrunning the country with phony refugee Arabs, I resettled hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the 1990s from Kossovo, Bosnia & Serbian-Croatian areas. Missouri had the highest influx of about 75,000 but New York has a nice number too that includes the parents of these nice fellows from Flatbush.

Hillary points out that you Jews think you can live it up in your mansions on Bedford Ave & Ocean Pkwy while these struggling immigrants live in those run down buildings on Ave K. If that guy on Ave M would have approached them first & offered some of the money in his wallet, he wouldn't have this problem to begin with.

Fred said...


Failed Blob said...

put two words in the search: "hasidic" and "zeitung" and read all the emails in 2011

You will will see that Hillary & her advisors read Failed Shvantz Rosenberg. After all, anti-Semites reading the biased website of a self-hating Jew is a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

They are NOT Croatian despite that that false rumor was started in the YWN comments.

They are Bosnians / Kossovars / Albanians who are ethnically the same people.

These people became a blend over 1000s of years of Macedonians, Wallachs (a Germanic tribe that migrated south) and Muslims who came from Asia. These people in the old country are majority Muslims, minority Xtians.

These criminals are Muslim as you can tell by name Hussein.

Barak Husseinovic Obama said...

An Israeli Arab shot up a bunch of folks on Dizengoff in Tel Aviv today.

We simply don't know yet what the motive was.

Secretary Kerry was in Israel today & heard reports that the fellow's favorite American toothpaste just doubled in price at the makolet & he was very distressed about it. Bibi is the villain in all this for failing to impose import price controls.

Yosef Insaneovic Mizrachi said...

How do you know the victim is really Jewish? Tzarich iyun because he wears a leather kippa, not a velvet one.

Anonymous said...

you can be rest assured that in 6 months these animals will be back on the street.
if only we still had a JDL that cracked the skulls and broke the legs of these antisemitic jew hating animals.