Thursday, January 14, 2016

Libby Ben Tzvi Missing in Kew Gardens

There is a young religious woman, 22, from the Kew Garden Hills area missing since Monday -1/11/16. 

Libby Ben Tzvi is her name.
Libby Bas Hadassah for Tehilim

The police have been notified. 

Please call her sister,
Nomi at 1-917-209-6223, 
if you have any information.

Please post and share on your Facebook page and pass this around.

The use of social media has been found to be extremely helpful in locating missing persons and all are encouraged to share info regarding sightings or encounters.

We have to find her. It is urgent.


Anonymous said...

Re: the missing in Queens

This girl is missing since Monday. She has left in the past but has always gone to a certain friend and established basic contact.

She is not with or in contact with that friend at this time.
Yes she is a "run away" however she is off her meds, has an extensive psychiatric history and has made some harmful comments leading up to her disappearance.

We also know that yes it's been almost 3 days but the family is overwhelmed and yes did not report this quickly enough so the fact remains. She is a Frum girl, is unstable and missing.

There is a report of some Facebook communication and the detective assigned to the case is aware.

A group of organizations along with the police,Shomrim, and Hatzolah will meet in a little while to try and determine the best and smartest plan of action.

Sam said...

"Off her meds" plz the meds usually create all these problems

Anonymous said...

Are you a Doctor??? Do you take psychiatric medication?
If you answered no to either of these questions, you are no qualified to make that statement. There are thousands of people who are on meds and they are life saving for them.
Praying for Libby's safe return.