Wednesday, January 6, 2016

H&M Sells Scarf resembling a Talit

H&M is a Swedish retailer.  The irony is that they are selling a scarf that resembles a tallis, while a Jew in Sweden wouldn't risk walking the streets with a tallis or even a kippah without putting his life at risk!

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Falafel Akbar said...

Have you been watching the news lately?

Non-Jewish Swedes cannot walk their own streets anymore either. With all the Arabs Sweden have let in, Swedish women are being raped at a 500% increase and Swedish men are being robbed & beaten.

On "Mission Impossible" the old TV show with the Skverrer BT actor Hill, the tapes would "self-destruct in 5 minutes".

Sweden is a whole country that will self-destruct.

The rov of the shul in Gothenburg agav recently fled the country after receiving death threats.