Monday, January 11, 2016

Yosef Mizrachi says that only those who didn't do Kiruv were murdered in the Holocaust

This video takes the cake.....the lunatic Mizrachi here rants that those who did kiruv survived the Holocaust but those who didnt were murdered!
So my two little brothers were murdered in the Holocaust because they didn't do kiruv...
My old feeble grandmothers and grandfathers had to die because they didn't join the kiruv movement?
Crazy sick arrogant maniac! 
He brings proof from Rav Aron Kotlar who survived! 
My Parents that survived weren't in the kiruv movement!

Hey Mizrachi, your nemesis Ben Gurion also survived and he certainly wasn't in the business of doing kiruv!

I wonder if Dr. Katz that just forgave him, saw this despicable video!


Anonymous said...

This KAPO bastard is obviously either mentally deranged or is a closet Jew hating Nazi piece of DREK,either way this piece of human garbage should be ignored and not given any publicity because these animals thrive on the attention they them,let us not give them that satisfaction,the exact same way we would completely ignore the rantings of a drunken bum passed out and wallowing in his own vomit,exactly so we should ignore the rantings of this criminally insane Nazi KAPO bastard.

A holocaust survivior who has lost
his whole family in the GAS CHAMBERS OF Auschwitz

Anonymous said...

Shlomo Hamelech coined a phrase for filth like Mizrachi

Kelev chozer al kiyo

Roto Rooter said...


is it true that this dirtbag lives in Monsey?

Dusiznies said...

yes he lives in Monsey!