Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Novominsker Rebbe Condemns Holocaust Comments of Mr. Mizrachi

I have to laugh when defenders of Mr. Mizrachi email to tell me that I'm writing Loshon Hara when I write about Mr. Mizrachi's strange, bizarre and damaging lectures!
All I am doing is posting his very own words that he himself put on the internet! 
He bad mouths and says the most vile and disgusting things about his fellow Jews ..... and when I post it .... 
then I'm the one speaking  Loshon Hara! 

The crazy and the insane kool-aid slurpers, will always defend this maniacs' damaging Holocaust statements ...
Face it guys, Mr. Mizrachi is a "revisionist" ...his half-assed apology notwithstanding!
The Chofetz Chayim wrote about "people" like him ..Mitzvah Lefarseim....

His lame excuse that he posted it 13 years ago, makes matters worse...
You mean to tell me that it was out there for 13 years and he never apologized? 
So for 13 years this damaging revisionist statement about the Holocaust went unchallenged; he never once corrected his numbers, but now that the blogs exposed him for the phony fraud that he is ... he gets upset that he was forced to apologize..
And when we post the videos that he himself uploaded to the internet...
Mr. Mizrachi says that we are the ones speaking Loshon Harah? 

He babbles that his statements are taken out of context. 
Can any sane reasonable person tell me how his sayings that state that  "less than 1 million halachic Jews were murdered" can be ok in any context?

The apology can never be accepted, and those who know anything about the Holocaust will never ever forgive him .... 
 See  the statement of the Novominsker Rebbe, a member of the Moetzes Gedoilei Ha'Torah, that were made   after Mizrachi's lame apology. 
Read today's English   Hamodia!

Hamodia newspaper published a strong editorial in today’s edition.
“In his ill-informed statement,” the editorial says, “for which he only recently apologized and admitted his ignorance of basic statistics, the rabbi made the egregious assertion that the number of Jews killed by the Nazis, historically known to be six million, was in reality closer to one million. Only. One million souls — one million worlds. That’s significantly more than the sum total of every single religious Jew — man, woman, and child — living today in the United States of America.”
This statement, notwithstanding explanation and apology, has already created unimaginable damage, says the newspaper, and who can calculate the future adverse ramifications of such an irresponsible statement for the world at large?
“With such a statement, he has, presumably inadvertently, joined the infamous league of Holocaust deniers, whose goal is to rewrite history,” says the Hamodia editorial. “This is not only an injustice to the Six Million Kedoshim; it is an injustice to all of us, their heirs, whose lives are dedicated to rebuilding a world that was destroyed so brutally. While he explained that his intention was to draw attention to the burning spiritual holocaust that has consumed Klal Yisrael with increasing intensity since the Second World War, and that assimilation and intermarriage in Europe rendered many of those who are counted within the Six Million not to have been halachically Jewish, both the insult and the danger that his outrageous words caused cannot be so easily healed or reversed.”
The Novominsker Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Perlow, said in a statement released to Hamodia: “I condemn in the strongest terms possible the outrageous claim that fewer than a million halachic Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This claim is demonstrably false, profoundly offensive and extremely hurtful. It is an affront to the Six Million Kedoshim, precious, holy, Jewish souls whose lives were snuffed out by the sonei Yisroel. Minimizing the degree of the terrible destruction of Churban Europa, in a most morally irresponsible manner, does a grave disservice to truth, and only gives enemies of Klal Yisrael ammunition for their lies.”
The editorial continues: “As the rebbe said, the statements made by this speaker are not only offensive, but totally unsubstantiated. There can be no doubt as to the bona fide Jewishness of the Six Million. While secularization was indeed rampant by 1939, in Eastern Europe, the power of the church and anti-Semitism most likely prevented any noteworthy amount of intermarriage from occurring. Even the members of the most overtly anti-religious and popular movements such as Zionism, Communism, Socialism and even Bundism remained Jews. Assimilation, as we know it in American terms, was simply not an option. So the point is not the precise number of Orthodox victims (now estimated to be between a third and a half of more than 3 million Jews in Poland alone) but the total number of Jewish victims, whose halachic Jewishness is not a question.”
These comments went unchallenged for so long, the newspaper says later, despite the fact that the speech was made before engaged Jews. “Apparently, the audience was so ignorant and desensitized that his statements were received without objection. How many Jews, particularly of the younger generations and those whose family history spared them the horrors of the Holocaust, have familiarity with even the basic facts and the gruesome reality of what befell the Jewish People during those dark days? It is our obligation to ensure that the current and future generations of Jews know the truth.”


Yosef Insaneovic Mizrachi said...

These "Vouz Vouz" Ashkenzim think they are going to criticize me?

Where is habibi Perlow, I want to poke him in the eyes!

Anonymous said...

doesn't everyone realize by now that we are dealing here with a criminally insane vicious poisonous snake,if this were a one time isolated mistake that this bastard made then somehow we might overlook it and accept his half assed apology.But no this vicious Jew hating piece of human garbage has been vomiting this kind of garbage for years,whenever this KAPO animal mentions the holocaust this ego maniac claims he knows exactly why it happened and which sins caused it,in other words what this Nazi bastard
is saying is that our holy kedoshim our six million holy brothers and sisters including one and a half million holy innocent yiddishe kinderlech who were gassed and burned deserved what they got.
is there a bigger obscenity than this?
not only this " This piece of Jew hating holocaust denying jewish KAPO bastard,is not only a holocaust denier,but also a sick sexual pervert .
in a video,this vicious animal claims that our millions of unfortunate holy mothers and sisters who were herded naked into the gas chambers,
the ones that were not religious deliberately posed naked in front of the Nazi cameras just minutes before they were gassed,GEVALD,could even the devil himself come up with such a twisted evil obscenity ?,i have absolutely no doubt in my mind had this criminaly insane sexual pervert been alive 70 years ago in Europe
he would have been the chief KAPO in Auschwitz,and with a smile on his ugly face he would have marched his own brothers and sisters into the gas chambers.
It is Yossi Mizrachi yemach shemo,who is not jewish,cannot imagine someone jewish vomiting out such obcenities on his own brothers and sisters.

We must put on tremendous pressure on all shulls and organizations where this pervert lectures,to make sure to ban him and especially the J ROOT radio station.

written with pain and tears,

Anonymous said...

Well how about from now on all the sephardim should be called with their original name FRANKALA-PARACH? But you know it's going to happen because Ashkenazim are not racists and not busy with racism like the FRANKALA-PARACH or the YOITZE AFRICA

Street Corner Crazy said...

Why did you take down the image of Mizrachi's insanity semicha? I wanted to add it is rumored he also has dayanus from the Psych ward at Bellvue.

Sam said...

I believe hell be on zev Brenner set nite let's see what he has to say

Anonymous said...

many people including YOU have made many mistakes.
Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi has made many Baal Tshuvas, so by talking against him will not help you in any way, it might make people who wanted to become a baal tshuva not become one because of your bad-mouthing words, thus making your punishment very great in HELL!
P.S. Even if you hold that he`s wrong, does not give you a right to speak against him.
Good advice... Keep quiet, and you can do Tshuva by sponsoring to bring back Jewish Souls.
That`s all...

Dusiznies said...

Why is it that the Mizrachonians are obsessed with Hell?
"even if you hold that he is wrong, does not give you a right to speak against him"
How crazy is this remark?
He is not only wrong he is a danger to the Jewish people!

James said...

Firstly 6 million is an undercounting thete were more than 6 million Jews murdered then by millions.

That guy's use of hell, reminds me of Islam and Catholocism.

Mizrachi is not Jewish most Sephardik Jews are not, many Israeli Jews are not Jewish, they heard that Jews are rich and holy, and started pretendig to be Jews at the actual Jew's expense. Whatever the antisemitic theories are eg kazars, you can be sure is the exact opposite.

The Grand Wazoo said...

Many, many people are keeping Shabbat and returning to their roots because of Rabbi Mizrachi. There's no question that the many words of vituperation against the rabbi written in the commentrs here are loshon hora. One does not have any right or permission to say whatever they want against a rav. Like him or not he is a rav. If you have an issue with him then bring him before a beit din.

With regard to the description that Rabbi Mizrachi gave of the gas chambers, the commenter above didn't hear that correctly. The rabbi did NOT talk how the non religious yidden were brazen in their nakedness versus the religious women. He talked about a Jewish woman's natural sense of tzniut which is part of a Jewish woman's true nature versus that of a goya, tzniut is NOT part of their spiritual DNA. He was not saying that to malign the gentiles but to talk about tzniut as a special quality. Yes, his words --like so many others-- were and are taken out of context.

They used to attack and malign Rabbi Meir Kahane in similar ways, either never having heard him or not understanding the intense ahavat Yisroel that the rav had for the Jewish people.

Dusiznies said...

The Grand Wazoo
The Loshon Hara is by your very own "rabbi" ..... He is not a "rav" by his very own admission and he is a big Am Haaretz .... Nothing about the "rav" was taken out of context .. he is a sexual pervert ...just listen how he is obsessed with naked women .....
Rav Amnon Yitzchok Shlitah says that Mizrachi is a "fake and a phony"