Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ari Levin 26 year old passes on in Monsey .... Sister begs "drinkers" to be more careful

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ari Levin z”l of Flatbush, Brooklyn. He was 26 years old.

Ari was a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Shaya Levin.

Ari was niftar Friday night in Monsey, NY. Hatzolah responded, but was unable to revive him.
Ari was a beloved friend to so many people. His passing has plunged them into mourning.
The levayah will take place at noon at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, located at 3803 14th Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn.
Ari is survived by his devoted parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Shaya Levin, and his seven brothers and three sisters.
The family will be sitting shivah at the Levin home, located at 1410 Avenue R in Brooklyn, NY.

The following is from Yudel Shain's Blog:

AviG: C/P
I want to beg something of all of you. I know a lot of you enjoy drinking, it's a fun activity, you do it to be social. But- it's something you need to be responsible about, not just for yourself, but for whoever's doing it with you. I want to tell you about a boy I know. He went to his friends for shabbos, and Friday night they headed over to the house of a gevir who's known to have an open bar, fully stocked, as much as you want. 
This boy drank- nothing crazy, not too much. He went downstairs pretty early to go to sleep. His friends saw him later that night, flat on his back, snoring away. They left him alone, and a little while on, woke up again to see that something was seriously wrong. I don't  know exactly what- was he gagging? Choking? Throwing up? I don't know. 

They called Hatzalah, but by the time they came it was too late- this 26-year-old guy, single, his whole life ahead of him, was dead. Because he choked to death on his back. Tonight, his family is sobbing their eyes out. They're brokenhearted. His 7 brothers, his 3 sisters, they can't believe it's true and they're just beginning to grasp the fact that they'll never be a whole family again. And his mother- she's practically collapsing. She can't understand how this is happening. Why his friends let this happen. How they left him alone when one little thing would have saved him.
How do I know this story? Because it's my brother. Ari Levin. I'm the one watching my brothers fall apart as they try to grasp that they're never going to hug Ari again. They're crying about how they regret they didn't get to say goodbye, they're wishing they could tell him how much they love him, they're sobbing it to each other and holding on to each other desperately.
I know my dear brother Ari died for a reason, even if I don't know what that reason was. I know it was Hashem's plan and that if it happened, this is what He meant to happen. But- I also know that right now, his friends are feeling overwhelming guilt. They're feeling that if they had just watched over him a little better, turned him on his side, he wouldn't have died this way. They wouldn't have to face my parents at the levaya tomorrow, knowing that they could have done something about his death. And my parents are wishing they'd known about Ari's plans for the night, they would have begged him not to go. Go know that you could drink the same amount you always do but this time it's going to go wrong.

So I'm begging you guys, as a brokenhearted sister, as a future wife and mother- if you're going to drink, please be more responsible. Know your limits, but know your friends' as well. Watch over them and try to make sure they're as safe as possible. Know what's safe and what's not. Please. The life you save could be your own.


Anonymous said...

Another death due to drinking . Nebach!

Anonymous said...

tell us how this happened and where this happened. at whos house this occured.

BDE said...

Anonymous said...

The title seems a bit insensitive. You may want to reconsider?

Anonymous said...

Please consider changing your title!

Sarah from Flatbush said...

This is so beyond tragic!!! My Hashem help these beautiful people get through this!! Beautiful beautiful people!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So who provided the alcohol? Press charges with the police.

Anonymous said...

Press charges??!!? He was 26 year's old... No ones fualt but his own. You cannot blame the friends or the host. But we can def learn something here abt ourselves and not pointing blame at others.