Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yosef Mizrachi denies that Nazis killed 6 million Jews ....

This crazed maniac, who calls himself Mizrachi, claims that only 1 million Jews got killed in the holocaust ....a statement previously spread by Al Jazizira, and this is exactly what the Arabs and other Holocaust deniers constantly repeat!

The raving lunatic compares the murdered martyrs  to Howard Stern, and says in the video below, in reference to the 5 million, that just like Howard isn't Jewish so the 5 million  Jewish Kedoishim wern't Jewish!

Abbas YM"S based his doctoral thesis denying the Holocaust. 

Did he deny that Hitler and the Nazis killed Jews? No! 
He played with the numbers, he stated that the 6 million number is inflated, and for that he is called a "Holocaust Denier"!

Mizrachi is  much worse than Abbas because Abbas stated in his book  that 2 million Jews were murdered!

What sheer chutzpeh! There are still about 100,000 survivors alive and they were just branded  "liars" by this smug snake!

He also states that 80% of European Jews were assimilated and converted to Catholicism because of Herzl!
He says that Herzl's mission was to convert the Jews to Christianity and he succeeded in having the majority of the Jews living in Europe, convert!

What a bald faced liar .... 
It's true that Herzl living in an anti-Semitic environment initially thought it would be a good idea that Jews convert and he naively thought that this act would eliminate anti-Antisemitism ....

Herzl himself did not have any Jewish education and he really didn't mean any harm he thought that this would stop the hatred and pogroms against his brothers and sisters. . He soon saw that this was not a good idea and later came up with a plan for Jews to move and settle Eretz Yisroel. 
And not ONE Jew converted because of Herzl's idea!

So this liar, Mizrachi, totally fabricates and re-writes history to fit his own maniacally twisted agenda.

Mizrachi's supporters claim that he has already made over 100,000 Jews, frum ...... 
100,000 ?????
Kool Aid slurpers.........

The Mizrachi followers are just like their leader ......playing with numbers ..... 
first they say he was mekareiv 100,000 Jews and then they say that Hitler only murdered 1 million Jews!

I think that Mizrachi that speaks fluent Arabic, is an ISIS plant!

Who still follows this sick arrogant bastard ?

כל מקום שיש חילול השם אין חולקין כבוד לרב


Couscous said...


The raving lunatic belongs on this commercial

Anonymous said...

We need to demonstrate against him he is speaking at a shul on Ave P and ocean parkway Thursday Jan 7 8 pm

Flatbush Fressers Inc said...

This guy is a clown & a one trick pony of wild hyperbole & guzma.

There is someone Ashkenazish in Flatbush also who is similar to him who was kicked out of one of the major yeshivos. The second jerk once posseled a mikva that was competition to the one in his shul with motzee shem ra. He tricked R' Dovid Feinstein with various lies to get him to sign. In halacha, the worst type of motzee shem ra is on a mikva because of the tzaar it causes to mishpochos who are afraid of chiyuv karess. An assifa of 50 rabbonim convened to repudiate him & R' Dovid Feinstein issued a clarification. This jerk was also involved in the Kolko cover up.

Unterlander Peasants said...

Mizrachi is a loose cannon but mostly harmless


Here is everything you need to know about the Satmar criminal who owns Der Blatt

Dusiznies said...

Mizrachi was harmless until he made this outrageous statement...
The mainstream media already picked up on this and it is going viral,
He was Mechalleil Shem Shomyim!

Anonymous said...

LET us pray for the 6 million . Most of my family included. Now available in two volumes in color

Subject: echoes of the holocaust

Dusiznies said...

Some "Anonymous" Mizrachi Kool aid drinker, commented that I "am hiding behind my blog" ...

So why are you hiding behind an "anonymous" comment? You Coward!

He writes that he knows "mizrachi for many years...and that Mr. Mizrachi "is moser nefesh and doesn't take a penny for his avodas hakodesh"
First of all stop calling him "Rabbi" ...he isn't a Rabbi
Second of all Arabs are also "moser nefesh"
Third of all ... you are very naive if you think he doesn't "take a penny"
How does he live? Hmmm?
Mr. Mizrachi is a former IDF Chilonie, and has absolutely no Hakoras Hatoiv to a country that housed him and paid him ...He is also a liar .... and he is a revisionist and claims that less than 1 million Jews died in the Holocaust!
If I were you I would check his Yichus .....

Dusiznies said...

Question to the coward that commented "anonymous" and accused me of hiding behind my blog.
How many hot dogs did your father fress in the USA while my two brothers were being murdered by the Nazis? Hmmm?