Friday, December 25, 2015

New Solution to the Shidduch Crises

Burn someone's house down! Make sure that people are inside..... You'll get engaged within two months of your release from Jail!

Shaul Spitzer the "hozebucher" of the Skverer rebbe, who was recently released from jail, just got engaged!
 His crime:  he threw a molotov cocktail on a house in New Square and almost burned the entire household of the Rottenberg family, alive.
Rottenberg's crime? He davened in a different shul?


Romanisher Ferd said...

DIN is wrong! It was not a pareve just davening somewhere else. Rottenberg was doing chesed for a sick, incapacitated elterra Yid to come with other yungerleit that the choyla should be able to daven with a minyan.

But there are mafioso enforcer scumbags in Skver like Berger who heartlessly call all the shots & dictate that you must be completely obedient like the ancient pagans were to Moilech.

So when a tzveiter yungerman started davening elsewhere because the Rebbe Dave Twersky would stop molesters from molesting his sons in the main Skver beis medrash, Berger said you takka have a good reason BUT I DON'T CARE it's your problem so these are your three options:

odder keep coming even if your kids are molested

odder stay home & daven beyechidis

odder go stay by someone else's house for Shabbos that is at least 1.5 miles outside Skver

But if you keep davening somewhere else you are finished, kapeesh?

Anonymous said...

My question is why would a normal father sacrifice his own daughter to marry a murderous criminally insane arsonist gangster?,but of course we all know the answer,this closed society and extreme dictatorship known as New Square is controlled and run by the chief dictator and gangster Duvid'l Twersky,
this gangster godfather rules his town with an iron fist,this unfortunate father had really no say in this once the gangster Twersky decide that this unfortunate girl has to marry this murderous criminal animal and be condemned to a life of absolute misery.
Let's just hope and pray that the glorious day will come when this filthy dictator himself will rot in jail for all the crimes he has commited on the hapless
inhabitants of New Square.


JJ said...

What's with the Skeveraphobia?