Thursday, December 24, 2015

Satmar in Monroe abolish the Bais Din System ... Only Secular Court for Satmar Chassidim

Glauber Clothing Store in Boro Park

R' Aron Teitelbaum the Satmar Rebbe and Godol Hador already ignored Bais Din long ago when he took his brother R' Zalman Leib to secular court. It seems that the minhag of the Hungarian Barbarians is now to go straight to secular court....

So it's no wonder that the Chassidim are following the holy minhagim of their holy Rebbes!

I have been told, though I couldn't get it verified yet, that the Monroe unemployment office is swamped this hour with Satmar Dayanim. 

R' Yoel Teitelbaum is quoted as saying on many occassions that Zionism is Avoda Zara.....
Well, this can be debated by scholars, but what is certain, and not debatable and is a Halacha pesukah and that no one argues with is that taking a fellow Jew in secular court is Avoda Zara!

 Members of the Brooklyn-based Hasidic clothing retailer Glauber’s Quality Clothing have filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to block their brother and co-founder from opening a competing store using the family name and logo. ( reports that the suit is seeking an immediate stay against the renegade sibling who is set to open Glauber’s Traditional Clothing in Monroe, less than a mile from one of the family’s successful locations in Kiryas Joel.
The suits argues that the Glauber’s Quality Clothing has worked tirelessly since its inception in 1985 to establish a stellar reputation for selling Hasidic mens clothing and that the brother’s new store, Glauber’s Traditional Clothing, is attempting to capitalize on the family’s reputation.
Court papers said, “Garments offered for sale by defendant and intended for sale to the Chassidic men’s community bear a label which not only contains our trademark, but contains a logo intended to emulate the logo of the plaintiff.”
Michael Steinmetz, an attorney for Glauber’s Traditional Clothing, called the suit an “ambush” by family members and said a ruling in the suit’s favor would have a “devastating” affect on the store’s grand-opening.

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