Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Walcott throws Jewish Children in Monsey Under The Bus

The vast majority of children living in East Ramapo are Jewish. The Jewish population in East Ramapo is exploding with new developments with new residents  paying humongous property taxes. The majority of the property taxes are school taxes.
So its natural that parents of Non-Public School kids that  are paying taxes want to vote in their own board, to make sure that the majority is well represented. 
But the anti-Semites whose children pay zero in school taxes don't want Jews running the board that got elected in a democratic election!
So they came up with a scheme that would allow a monitor that would have veto power to oversee the board, in effect disqualifying an election!
What good is it to have an election and then appoint a monitor that has veto power....??????????
Crazy isn't it?
Not if you are an immigrant that snuck thru the boarders and attends a school in East Ramapo, .... then what you do is .....throw out the votes of the Jews by appointing a monitor and have the Jews pay the salaries  of the staff anyway thru property taxes! ...
The East Ramapo school board said it’s “surprised” that a state panel is recommending a monitor with veto power to oversee the school board, saying that had not been part of the discussions.
Yehuda Weissmandl, the board’s president, said the board has “worked diligently over the last year” to improve the troubled district and believed that it and the panel’s leader, Dennis Walcott, were on the same page.
“We had begun to work together. We were building a consensus for action on underlying problems,” Weissmandl said in a statement.
“We are surprised because Mr. Walcott, who spent a great deal of time with us in recent weeks, spoke to these very issues and seemed intent on avoiding a repeat of the past.
“The final report to the Regents, however, went in a different direction.”
Walcott’s group made 19 recommendations Monday to the state Board of Regents on way to improve the Rockland County district, but the key ones will need state legislative approval.
Earlier this year, the state Legislature reached an impasse over giving a state monitor veto power over the board.
But that was Walcott’s top recommendation Monday. He said he was confident that the Legislature would come around; Senate Republicans have opposed giving a monitor such broad power.
“We are serious about working with the board and SED and pursuing the legislation that’s required,” Walcott told the board. “We think as a result of this package, the district will be a lot healthier in serving the students of the district.”
But Weissmandl said the push for a monitor would only tear open the wounds that the sides have tried to close as they fight over the resources for public and private-school students.
“These proposals are likely to reprise the divisions and strife we saw in the district last year,” his statement continued. “This is indeed unfortunate because we had begun the process of reconciliation in East Ramapo.”
He added, “What we need in East Ramapo is a laser focus on the needs of children and reconciliation as a community and improved cooperation at all levels. As we always have, we will continue to work diligently toward these goals.”


Anonymous said...

Walcott wants to stop busing for yeshivos!

Want to know what the loser's credentials are? He worked at a playgroup in Jamaica, Queens, named Amistad. Is that some kind of gripe that Blacks are still grepsing that they were slaves 100s of years ago?

And then Walcott was appointed to a government position by former men's room attendant David Dinkins. The Wall St Journal has called Dinkins the worst political leader in American history.

Preserve Status Quo said...

Someone was giving heck to Failed Shmatta today to stop pretending that all non-Charedim are on the same side because most of the upper crust non-Jews & secular Jews are either sending to private schools as well or home schooling. And most of them save for a few Leftist rabble agree with the Orthodox that we don't need to fund every new gadget & African hair braiding bird course in the public schools.

Fred said...


You're an ignoramus and a bigot. Non-Jewish kids have every right to an education, and the school board has done a miserable job of making any sort of legitimate case for their terrible management record.

People like you who play the victim while denigrating other people's color or nationality are grotesque.

We the People said...


Dusiznies said...

Your'e the bigot ... I never said they didn't have a right to an education... but so do the Jewish kids and they are the majority... and in the USA the majority rules...
ALL and I repeat ALL school districts have cut their services, and have basically done what you call "miserable jobs" and no one appointed any monitors...
The non-Jewish children in East Ramapo get more money per child than 90% of school children in the entire country..
More $$$$$$$$$$$$ is not going to help them ....
What's going to help them is if YOU Mr. 9:16 go into the schools and remove the drugs and then manybe we can get some learning done..
We are sick and tired of paying the highest property taxes for illegals ...
that's right I said it ..."Illegals"

We wuz robbed said...

Fred Flintstone at 9:16 is quite the philosopher along the lines of:

What's mine is mine & what's your's is mine

Fred said...

Sorry, but your point is non-existent. If you want to argue budget and funding, and where the $$ are coming from, that's fine. But if you prefer to make racial accusations against other people as a means of defending Haredim, then that makes you a bigot.

I don't know how you can claim kids in E. Ramapo get more funding than 90% of US school childern. If that's true, then no programs should have been cut and the public schools should be flourishing. They are not.

There are plenty of Jews who also pay $0 in school taxes as well. And many of those families probably have very large families who also place a burden on the system. Pointing this out is not anti-Semitic. Neither is pointing out the huge legal fees that the current school board has run up over the years, nor the amount of public school funds that have gone to pay for the educational needs of special needs children, which costs a fortune.

If this makes ME the bigot in your eyes, then you need serious help.

East Ramapoan said...

Yes there are corruption problems with certain characters being fronts for developers and a very narrow special interest that is a tiny minority within a minority as they are not just Jews and not just Orthodox and not just Haredi and not just Hasidic but a very, very minute subset within that who many other Haredi & Hasidic Jews are upset about.

HOWEVER, the opposing side is MUCH WORSE! They are a rag tag bunch of Leftists and/or anti-Semites and/or greedy big mouths. Some of them are looking for their kids to benefit but many of them have no dog in this fight other than to stir up dreck against Orthodox Jews. All the while they would double, triple & quadruple everyone's taxes if they had their way.

Neither choice is good but I will take the first group any day as the lesser of the two evils.

Fred said...

Fred Says-

I still don't understand the arguments here, and I won't accept racist categorizations about blacks and other minority public school students in support of whatever you're talking about.

I've followed the Ramapo school board fight over the last few years; the Board has done a horrible job in presenting it's position(s) ever since Schwartz was president. Every newspaper article presents them as a bunch of selfish Jews, but none of them have provided a single instance of publically making a case for themselves (Yiddish pashkevels don't count, nor do stupid rants in Jewish newspapers that accuse anyone who even questions the Board's methods as automatically anti-Semitic).

The fact that the previous commenter referred to the Haredim as "the lesser of two evils" doesn't say much about this group's credibility.

East Ramapoan said...

Fred says he doesn't understand the other comments while he himself makes little sense.

"Every newspaper article presents them as a bunch of selfish Jews, but none of them have provided a single instance of publically making a case for themselves"

The Journal News has an obvious bias any idiot can plainly see. I have seen cases being made from the other side on a cable news network but the Journal News selectively leaves them out to suit their pro-Preserve slant. The only other "newspapers" providing coverage are from that troublemaker anti-Semite blogger in Village of Suffern who tries to fool everyone that his blogs are "newspapers" with such names as "The Rockland Times". He must have a pretty sorry existence to be obsessed against Rockland's Jews as he is not even an American citizen. Could his anti-Semitic obsession be one reason that his wife left him?

Then Fred conflates that a very tiny subset being somewhat evil applies to all Haredim. What was that about RACIST CATEGORIZATIONS that Fred was tut tutting about?

We the People said...

Assemblyman Dov Hikind is coming up to criticize in person the out of control Monitor which prompted the Rockland Democratic Committee to blast him as having no right to speak in Rockland.

If anyone needs to shut their yapper pie hole it is the Chairwoman of the Rockland Committee who is the sister of Assemblyman Zebrowski Jr & daughter of Assemblyman Zebrowski Sr.

They are notorious Polish Catholic ANTI-SEMITES who at EVERY TURN have fought tooth & nail to obstruct anything Orthodox Jewish.