Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NYPD Release More Video Footage Showing Suspects In Midwood Attack

by Sandy Eller
The NYPD has released more footage showing Monday morning’s vicious beating that left a Midwood resident battered, bruised and with multiple stitches in his head, hoping that the public can help them apprehend the two suspects in connection with the assault and robbery.
As previously reported on VIN News, a 55 year old Orthodox Jewish man was beaten and robbed of his cell phone and wallet as he walked in front of 809 Avenue M just before 1 AM on Monday morning.
Additional surveillance video obtained by the NYPD shows the two suspects getting out of a dark colored car at 12:48 AM and walking down Avenue M.
The two men are described as light complexioned with thin builds. One of the men has dark hair and was wearing a light colored sweatshirt, dark pants and white sneakers with black trim. The second man was dressed in a black jacket and pants with side stripes and wearing black shoes or sneakers.  Both men can be seen putting their hoods on their heads as they walk down Avenue M.


Anonymous said...

A frum State judge was also recently beaten on Ave R.

I think there is a pattern. There were many savage beatings of Yidden in Flatbush after 9/11 and now this is after Paris & San Bernardino.

There are anti-Semites who blame Yidden for attracting Arab terrorism to America. But it is a stupid argument because in all those attacks the Arabs were primarily interested in murdering decadent American infidels.

No speaka da langwidge said...


What's this heimishe hockerei about with references to Transylvania & Marmarosh?

Flatbush said...

The attacks after Sept 11th were much worse. They almost killed one rabbi on Ave R who was hospitalized for half a year after that. And the cowards beat the heck out of a frum woman on Ave S. Ave S was possibly Arab attackers and Arabs do always use the handball courts at S & E 16th.