Saturday, December 5, 2015

Eida Hachreidi Sickos force Pizza Store to fire a lady !

I say we fire the Rebbetzzin of Rav Moshe Sternbuch ...
She is a lady!

A female shift supervisor employed in King Slice pizza shop in the Bucharim area of Yerushalayim claims her dismissal is the result of discrimination. She was working as a shift supervisor, employed in the store for over two years.

The owner of the store explains the badatz hashgacha requested him to dismiss her as her presence was not suitable in the community. He complied and she is now suing him in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for discrimination. Until recently, the store was owned by her parents. The person who bought the store decided to keep her on due to her familiarity with the operation.
The letter received by the owner from the hashgacha states complaints were received regarding her employment in the store as she is “not in line with the character of the community”.

She points out she is unaware of complaints and in addition, realizing the location of the store, she was always careful to dress appropriately at work. She explains she got up at 5:00AM daily to get to work on time, giving her maximum every single day.

The MyNet report quotes the young lady adding “My parents are chareidi but I do not view myself as chareidi. Nevertheless, I always reported to work in long sleeves and a skirt to my knees. If anything was every said regarding my attire, I always become more stringent. This does not bother me for I know it is work and one does what one has to. However, no one told me anything and they simply came to me and said ‘go home, you’re done’”.


Anonymous said...

I say we fire the Rebbetzzin of Rav Moshe Sternbuch

For your information, Rebbetzzin Sternbuch died many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Again their problem is and was for not discussing it first with you the dirty disgusting first class menuval