Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Michael Insel 8th Grade Yeshiva Bochur Lectures Obama on Capitol Hill about the Threat of ISIS

14-year-old Michael Insel was fed up with reading the daily headlines about Israel’s never ending fight with terror.The delay in the president’s response to the murder of Ezra Schwartz Hy”d, however, was the impetus that caused the yeshiva bochur from Baltimore to write a letter to the US president.
Michael wrote the letter about a month ago. His proud mother posted the letter on her Facebook page to share with friends and family.
Eli Gold, Vice President of the London Center for Policy Research, saw the letter and felt compelled to share this with an even larger audience.
Gold, who runs a defense meeting on Capitol Hill once a month, invited Michael to come along to read his letter at Capitol Hill and to discuss his point of view of what he thinks should be changed.
Michael was very excited to seize the opportunity presented by Gold as he has always desired to take up a career in politics.
Michael subsequently spoke at the meeting this past Sunday and after that he was invited to further discuss U.S.-Israel relations with Congressman Trent Franks.
He has since started a petition at – Click here to sign
Below is the letter in it’s entirety:
My name is Michael (מיכאל) Insel (אינזעל). I am an 8th grade student at Talmudical Academy of Baltimore (TA).
I am writing to you today about my concern for the security of ISRAEL. I feel that your administration has not done all in its power to help the state of Israel at this time. How could you stand by and not properly condemn the murder of an 18 year old American boy who was killed while bringing food to soldiers fighting terrorism in the streets?
When France was has hit with devastating terrorist attacks you held an hour long press conference with President Hollande. You stated “we are all French now”. When 3 innocent teenage boys in Israel were killed, were we all Israeli? Was the Washington arch in NY the colors of the Israeli flag? Was the 408 foot tall spire on top of one world trade center the colors of the Israeli flag?
NO they were NOT!!! Mr. President- we have a saying in hebrew “״ נושא בעול חבירו which means “Every man can carry another man’s burden”.
Before a monday night football game between the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills something extraordinary happened. For the first time since the Munich massacre in 1972 a murdered Jew was remembered with a moment of silence.
This was done by 80,000 people at the stadium and 16 million people at home. This brings me back to my original point of “ Every man can carry another man’s burden”. That night 1 and a half days of cumulative morning was observed in just the stadium alone.
If the Jewish people have to reach out to an owner of a football team to get a moment of silence for a murdered American jew , before the president of our country appropriately condemns it, we have a problem !!
Also, I am disappointed in your handling of ISIS. You have yet to call them what they are “Radical Islamic Extremists”. You simply call them “killers with good social media ”. I can tell you that they are a heck of a lot more than that!! Just this month ISIS has:
Blown up a Russian plane killing all 224 passengers
Brutally murdered 128 in the Paris attacks
Carried out countless beheadings of Americans and others
Killed and continues to kill hundreds a day in Syria and Iraq
Inspired the San Bernardino attacks killing 14
They are more than just merely “killers with good social media”! These are Radical Islamic extremists!!! These people must be stopped at all costs before more innocent blood is spilled.
President Obama, I hope my letter has found you well. All I ask of you is that you support Israel and the Jewish people and you put an end to all the madness of terrorism. Let’s go back to the days where the bond between our great nations was unbreakable!!

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