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Ezra The Kapo Friedlander compares Lichtenstein the "Tuches Lekker" to Moshe Rabbeinu

Ezra keeping his hands to himself
The kapo Ezra Friedlander can't stay out of the limelight for more than a week, because his "Jewish Backstabbing" business depends on it!

It's not enough that we have the world boycotting our brothers and sisters in Israel, it's not enough that we are losing the PR on American Campuses. Do we now need an admitted ignoramus to explain the hateful vote of fat Nadler to give Iran Nuclear Weapons? 

Do we need an arrogant two timing bastard to explain the Tuches Lekker Lichtenstein's decision to raise funds for the anti-Semite Hillary Clinton?

Ezra, the kapo, Friedlander, went to the White House last week for a Chanukah Party, where he  suddenly couldn't find his tongue and was quiet like a rat when a lady Reform Rabbi was screeching "In Shaalah" to the entire world! On Chanukah no less!

He was sitting there with a jelly donut stuffed in his filthy mouth while the "rabbi" didn't mention "G-D" once during her entire rant and was actually chastising the White House guests about islamophobia ........perverting the entire meaning of Chanukah!
But now because he wants  Hillary, the witch to hire him to convince naive Boro-park Holocaust survivors to vote for Hillary, who could care less about the 6 million Jews living in Israel, he suddenly comes out from under his rock to back the "back stabbing" Lichtenstein!

The following is a an OP-Ed from the Kapo to the yeshivahworld blog!

My comments in RED!

From time immemorial, members of Klal Yisroel have always been involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of the Jewish people. Some call it shtadlonus, others call it askonus. However you decide to coin the term is not really that important. What is important is to understand that Jewish advocacy has been alive and well since the days of Moshe Rabbeinu.

DIN: Some of those "askonim" have been called "Kapos" for very good reasons!

 In fact, it can perhaps be said that Moshe Rabbeinu was our very first askan. In the upcoming parshios, we find Klal Yisroel’s greatest leader advocating on behalf of the Jewish people. And before who? The evil King Pharoah, of all people! 

DIN: Suddenly this known Am Haaretz is now teaching us the parsha ..... wait it gets better.

One can only wonder what the headlines might have looked like in those days, especially the accompanying comments section. Nevertheless the fact is that throughout the millennia, while our goals and missions may have changed, we have always relied on the individuals and leaders who plead on our behalf. And that is how it will be till the end of days, until Moshiach comes.

DIN: G-D help us if we have to rely on this back stabbing arrogant nut!

Several days ago I saw on article reporting that Dovid Lichtenstein, a prominent Real Estate executive, will be hosting a Reception benefiting the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. For the record, let me state that I am not representing either Mr. Lichtenstein or Mrs. Clinton, and have not shared these remarks with either one of them. I would like to make that perfectly clear.

DIN: "For the record, let me state that I am not representing either Mr. Lichtenstein or Mrs. Clinton,"Not Yet! .... 
But I don't believe any word you say, if you would tell me it's night, I would go out to check!

The purpose of this op-ed is not defending Dovid Lichtenstein but rather to encourage him to continue his efforts. 

DIN: Whaaaaaaaat? 
"Encourage him" to raise funds for an avowed anti-Semite?

Dovid Lichtenstein does not need to engage on our behalf. 

DIN: Believe me, he is not ..... he is doing the opposite, he is stabbing us in the back..

I’ve been at his Shabbos table once and I’m sure I speak for all those who know him by saying that he would rather be sitting in a Beis Medrash learning Torah than anywhere else. His home is a place filled with Torah learning and one can easily recognize his scholarship by listening to “Headlines”, his weekly radio program. I’m sure he would prefer to be learning than hosting political candidates.

DIN: Aha! The relationship between "the kapo" and the "tuches lekker" is slowly but surely coming out!
Now listen to me good....
If it's in fact true that he would have preferred to be "learning" than "hosting political candidates" then why is he doing it? 
In this world we judge you by your actions and not what you would like to to do, because we are not living in his brain and we don't know what he prefers, it's only your speculation that he prefers to learn. The facts are that he hosted and continues to host not "stam" "political candidates" but candidates that are a danger to our communities!

Your statement that Lichtencrap hosts "political candidates" is misleading........
When was the last time he hosted a republican candidate? Hmm?

Here are naysayers among us who just don’t get it. They sit in front of their computers pontificating about the interaction of askonim with political candidates. Do they honestly think that supporting a candidate means endorsing everything he or she stands for? I would hope that most people realize that politics is more nuanced and complicated than that. But not the self righteous pontificaters. They are, after all, on the side of the Torah, and consider themselves the true lamdonim.

DIN: We don't get it! But you the money grubbing back stabber kapo .... u get it!

Yes, of course we sit in front of our computers, how else are we going to notify the naive sheep that listen to you garbage that you are a conniving miserable arrogant liar?

And aren't YOU sitting front of YOUR computer?? How did YOU get your message out? hmm?

And yes if you are fundraising for Hillary, we all think, yes, all of us think, that you are endorsing everything the candidate stands for .... absolutely!
Tell us all, in what respect does  Lichtencrap disagree with Hillary... Let him publicly tell us ....
You said he has a radio program? Let's him take a couple of minutes from his "torah" and tell us where he disagrees with Hillary! Publicly! 

Their protests remind me of a story I’ve heard many times from my father, the Liska Rebbe, Shlita.
It is said that the Vilna Gaon once asked the Dubna Maggid to give him mussar. The Maggid, of course, looked at him incredulously. “How can I give Mussar to the holy Gaon?” he wondered. “This is a man who sits all day in tallis and tefillin surrounded by seforim. It’s impossible.”
But the Gaon insisted, so the Maggid finally responded. “Is it really such a kuntz (accomplishment),” he wondered aloud, “to be the holy Vilna Gaon within your own daled amos? Let’s see if you could be a Vilna Gaon when you go out into the world!” Thus did the Gaon take it upon himself to go into golus.

DIN:The above version of the story is a fabrication and a lie....
your father "shlitah" made it all up!
The correct version is that the Vilna Gaon answered him:
"I'm not a Kunzen Macher"
The Vilna Gaon never went into galus except when he was forced by the government to run and he was actually on the way to making Aliyah, but had to return because a family member got very sick!

To me, the moral of the story is as follows – It’s very easy for individuals to take the high road and sit comfortably at home while criticizing individuals, whether they are business people or askonim, who are trying to help the community for generally altruistic purposes. 

The "moral of the story?" 
Here is a guy that is teaching us "morals" from a non-existent story, total fiction, a story that is a figment in the imagination of his father "shlitah"!

"altruistic??" Tell us ... we all have time's x-mas, we have time .....
in what way is this "altruistic"
Tell us why oh why this "tuchis lekker" is hosting a fundraiser to a lady that is incompetent and is a danger to our brethren living in Israel? 
You ... Mr. Kapo are certainly not "altruistic" ... if there isn't somewhere a buck ... your'e nowhere to be found!
And please keep your "altruistic purposes" to yourself you are destroying Judaism Op-ed by Op-ed!
Shut the hell up already!

In fact, it has become fashionable in our community, as in other communities, to attack the top one percent. But they don’t realize that askonus is a profession, requiring specific talents and abilities. Indeed, there are many ways to serve the community. There are Rabbonim, Rebbeim, Gevirim and there are Askonim. What they all share is an achrayus to serve Klal Yisroel and help our community.

DIN: Do us all a favor and stay the hell out of askonus ... you are a detriment to everything our holy community stands for ...
do us a favor go back to what you do best,supporting and taking $$$$$$$$ from candidates that support abortion and gay marriage!

As a professional

 DIN: Excuuuuse me? a "professional?' It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.

who engages in public relations consulting and as someone who clearly does not consider my services as askonis , 

 DIN: ok .... now he admits that he is a whore!
Now don't get me wrong, I think it's ok for someone to take money from candidates to spread their message, but this is different, because the platforms of the candidates that Ezra represent run contrary to the values of our holy traditions and run contrary to the safety of Acheinu Bais Yisroel .... and for this Kapo to take money from candidates and then mislead his constituents into thinking that the candidates are doing the right thing for our communities is being disingenuous at best and outright dangerous at worst!

I‘ve observed several of these askonim. I value their service and I can vouch as to the effectiveness of their efforts. Without getting into the details,

DIN: you "can vouch?"
Who the hell are you? You arrogant bastard!

 I can say with full certainty that many a yiddishe mama’s tears have not been shed as a direct result of the efforts of askonim who have made it their priority to solve communal problems. And yes, often solving communal problems is a direct result of interaction and relationships with those very elected officials with whom relationships were formed as candidates. 

DIN: What about the Jewish community as a whole? 
When an askan establishes a relationship with an elected official, the askan must look above and beyond on how much money this official can generate for the Mosdois ... 
he has to see,if this guy is  "good for the Jews, in general." 
Unfortunately, a lot of askanim have a limited vocabulary and cannot express themselves in the vernacular! Those askanim should stick to being on the board of their local shuls!

I also recognize that not all askonim are created equal or have the rights intentions or methods. I get that. But to label everyone negatively is discouraging further generations of communal leaders which can be a detriment to Klal Yisroel.
We are currently in the midst of a Presidential campaign. There are over three hundred million people in the United States, and of that only a handful can realistically become our next President. In all likelihood, in the next several months that will be narrowed down even further to former Secretary of State Clinton on the Democratic side and one of several Republican hopefuls. Thus it wouldn’t be too much a stretch of the imagination to suggest that Dovid Lichtenstein may very well be hosting the next President of the United States. And if Mrs. Clinton should in fact become President, I have no doubt that this meeting will serve to benefit the Jewish people. I don’t know exactly how, but I am convinced of it.

DIN: Are you reading this "yolt?" 
First he says that "I have no doubt that this meeting will serve to benefit the Jewish people."
Then he writes:
 "I don’t know exactly how, but I am convinced of it."
Listen Mr. Kapo ... why don't you just google her record? Hmmmm???
And yes we all see the benefit of courting opposing candidates... but not a candidate that stands with Arabs, not a candidate that will continue the disastrous Obama agenda!
How about hosting republican candidates that are pro-Israel and also have a chance to become President? 
Is it only a mitzvah to support candidates that hate Israel and Jews.

So when people take to criticizing, their comments may seem noble on the surface especially when they say that Hillary’s positions are not in sync with the Jewish community’s beliefs and are anathema to our traditions But their statements are demagogic.
Why is this? I’ve observed how other communities are so proud when someone in their own circle interacts with or hosts a future president. They realize the value it brings to their cause. We, instead, tear them down. In fact, we have a history of tearing them down. The Jewish people of the time even criticized Moshe Rabbeinu, so perhaps Mr. Lichtenstein is in good company after all.
I’m obviously not comparing Dovid Lichtenstein to Moshe Rabbeinu. 

DIN: First this kapo compares Lichtencrap with Le'havdil Moshe Rabbeinu writing that he is in "good company" and then he write that he is "not comparing Dovid Lichtencrap to Moshe Rabbeinu"
Get his childish reasoning ?
He writes: "But their statements are demagogic."
and what would you call your idotic Op-Ed?

I’m just suggesting that there are many ways to serve our people. And if Dovid Lichtenstein has the capacity to host a reception to benefit a possible future President, that should present an opportunity for us to pause and praise him for his role.
For those who make the argument that “it’s all about money” in a derogatory manner, my response to them is simply that Lichtenstein didn’t make up the rules of this game. And yes, fundraising happens to be an integral element of a Presidential campaign. So much so that the Supreme Court just recently enhanced that ability. That’s just the way it is.

DIN: Listen you little Shmoiger, and listen good!
This is not the first time Hillary Clinton held public office .... the public is not stupid ... Mr. Kapo... we all know how to google her record and her record is a disaster both for the USA and Israel! 
We are not Satmar or Litvishe alteh Kockers that get their news from the local mikvah and don't have the internet ... we are all computer savvy...
We are not attacking the Lichtencrap for hosting a fundraiser for stam a candidate, we are attacking Lichtencrap because he is hosting a fundraiser for a person that has proven time and again that she is a thief, a crook, incompetent and a anti-Semite! 
Let him host a Republican!

I’d like to consider myself an amateur student of history. 

DIN: Finally some truth .... 'an amateur" 
Iv'e got news for you, Mr. Kapo ...Your'e not even an "amateur" if you knew just a tiny bit of history you would be throwing eggs at Lichtencrap!

We all know that during the Holocaust there were those who could have influenced President Roosevelt’s decisions to help the Jews in Europe but chose not to. 

DIN: I'm glad you mentioned that, you two-timing bastard... wasn't there an opportunity for askanim to tear down the walls of the White House to protest the dangerous Iran deal?
And what did you do? Mr. Ezra the Kapo?
YOU wrote an entire Op-Ed to support Nadler the self-hating Jew that voted to hand over 5 billion dollars to Iran and allow them to acquire nuclear weapons!
Where were you? Stop lecturing us on the Holocaust ... you sick snake!

Then there was Peter Bergson, not quite a political insider, yet dramatically more effective in raising public awareness about the atrocities in Europe than the others. My approach is that sometimes we need both.

DIN: You were absolutely right when you wrote that you are an "amateur" when it comes to history, because now the Satmar Community is going to rip you to shreds because you mentioned Peter Bergson, who was a student and a follower of Zev Jobatinsky z"l  an avowed Zionist.... that the frum community hated and despised! 
Mr. Bergson was a nephew of Moreinu Harav Avraham Yitzchok Kook z"l. In fact his actual name was Hilllel Kook.

Our community is small. And while we are few in number, our needs are great. Having a future President hosted by a businessman who is a ben Torah and a marbitz Torah can shine positively for us all. I believe with all my heart that Reb Dovid Lichtenstein’s hosting a possible future President will yield tangible results for the Jewish people in many ways. Let us all for once agree with those sentiments.

Ezra Friedlander is the CEO of The Friedlander Group a public policy consulting firm based in NYC and Washington, DC. Follow him on Twitter @EzraFriedlander. He may contacted at


Yeshivishe guy said...

Yehuda Shmeckstein won't post many things on YWN with the phony excuse that some rabbonim might be against it but he posts any garbage from this krumma dimwit Friedlander.

How much is Shmeckstein being paid?

Bruce almighty said...

If someone gives a bigger fee to Friedlander than Lichtenstein, Friedlander will refer to that new benefactor as der Eybishter alein.

Loser Watch said...

This is what happens when a "baal agoloh" like Eckstein who drove around rabbonim as chauffeur instead of learning is allowed to run a website supposedly in the name of Daas Tayreh.

You get "All Star" teams on his website of all these huge losers with selfish, money grubbing agendas like Friedlander, Nadler, Greenfield, you name it

Jerrold said...

"huge losers like Nadler"

Hey! When you say "huge" are you making fun of my weight again?!

Bottom of the barrel Scum said...

Luzi Lipschutz from Dolson Rd whose father Chazir, I mean Chazan Potyi Lipschutz stole from everyone in the Diamond District. Potyi is also accused of molesting kids and there was police involvement but then the Munkatcher or someone got involved and all the mishpochos were intimidated BIG TIMES to shut the Hell up. Luzi is also rumored to have benefited from Leib Tropper's "meat market".

Friedlander and all these schmos are small potatos. This is big league Scum.

Ganuvim said...

Have you ever seen the Lipschitzes starting a war when their restaurant bill is brought by the waiter or for any other kind of luxury goods & services that they make up a story they were 'cheated' and so they are not paying?

They should have stayed with all the ganuvim in Frankels shul in Flatbush instead of making Monsey more shmitzik.