Sunday, December 6, 2015

AMI Rewrites Satmar Rebbe History saying he was an Ohaiv Yisroel

The "clown" Yitzchok Frankfurter is  an obsessed Satmar re-writer of history!

 In this week's issue he has an editorial  "Many Rivers Couldn't Quench His Ahavas Yisroel" desperately trying to convince his naive readers that the Satmar Rebbe was an Ohaiv Yisroel. 

It's interesting to note, that no other Chassidis  needs an editorial in Ami  to convince anyone that their Rebbe was an Ohaiv Yisroel.  

So Frankfurter  tried to find at least one statement or quote from   R' Yoel Teitelbaum, stating that he loved every single Jew, even the Zionists!

But after searching all of R' Yoilish's Shalash Seudah Toirelech and his books, the clown came up with nothing! ..... Nada! 
He couldn't find a single source that R' Yoilish was an Ohaiv Yisoel from R' Yoilish's own writing or sayings!

So how did the Frank  prove his preposterous theory that R' Yoilish loved every single Jew, even if they were Zionist supporters? 

According to the "Clown," ..... the proof is, that when the Satmar Rebbe ranted and raved against the Gedoilie Yisroel that supported the State of Israel , he DID NOT quote a particular  Rambam!

Guys, help me! 
Is this insane, or what? 
So because the Rebbe didn't quote the Rambam, when he ranted, raved and cursed  the Zionists, that makes him an Ohaiv Yisroel!

It's not that we found proof somewhere that R' Yoilish said that he loved every single Jew, ...... No! 
According to the Frank, we see that R' Yoilish was an Ohaiv Yisroel, from what he didn't say!??????

He wants us to judge the Rebbe, not by what he wrote or actually said, but what the Rebbe didn't write or say?????
How crazy can a guy get? What drug is he taking?

The Rambam In Hilchos Rotzei'ach 13:14 states that there is in fact no mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel for a sinner!
Now, ..... this is not the forum to debate the ruling and the thinking of the Rambam ..
Suffice it to say that the Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l knew this Rambam very well, probably, I would venture to say, better then R' Yoilish, and he established the biggest Kiruv movement and "Tefillin Campaign" since Hashem gave the Torah at Har Sinai!

So let's pause and think about  "the Frank's" demented statement..... .... that the Rambam held that there is "no mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel for a sinner"

According to his twisted logic, where does that leave  the Rambam,????????????????????????????????????? 

According to the Frank, the Rambam must have been  a "Sonei Yisroel," a hater of Jews,  making the Satmar Rebbe an Ohaiv Yisroel since  the Rebbe didn't quote this Rambam on purpose, thinking that the Rambam was too extreme???????????????????????????

Get it?

Now let's see some examples from  the Rebbe's own lips  regarding  the Gedoilim that supported the Zionists, and then let's see if  he loved any of them!

1)  Parshas Shelach June 1967, in his Shaolosh Seuda Toireleh rant, that is recorded on an mp disc and transcribed in a book called "Sheemee D'var Hashem" (what a chutzpah to call this trash, "Words of Hashem") page 31, Chapter 23, the Rebbe calls the Zionists
"zera Ameliek" children of Amelik!

2) In the same book, page 37, Chapter 24, the Rebbe calls those Gedoilie Yisroel that support the Zionists 

3) In the same book page 28 chapter 15, the Rebbe mocks those (Chabad) that are mekareiv and put tefillin on the secular Zionists and IDF soldiers ....

the Rebbe says "Shabsai Tzvi  ym"s..... also did kiruv work" 

then he continues the  rant:
"the military (IDF) that mix with girls, .....I'm not going to mention that they are immersed in TV watching and attend theaters, and are steeped in Tumeh , is there any doubt that their entire way of thinking is full of carnal desires and are prohibited from putting tefillin on ..... and that they (Chabad) chose specifically this particular mitzvah; ......isn't  the act of putting on tefillin  on person  like them (IDF) itself a sin?!"   

In the above rant (#3) he mocks the Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l  who apparently was very aware of the halachos of  tefillin and nevertheless, since he truly loved every single Jew, saw fit to institute a "Tefillin Campaign" so that every single male Jew have the merit of putting on tefillin at least once in his lifetime!

In reading the above examples, was the Satmar Rebbe the hallmark of an Ohaiv Yisroel? 

Would someone who loves every single Jew, call a Jew ...."Zera Ameliek?" 

Would someone who loves every single Jew call a Jewish leader that supports the State of Israel an "apikores?"

Would someone who loves every single Jew deny him an opportunity to put Tefillin on at least once in his lifetime?

The bottom line is that R' Yoel Teitelbaum the founder of the Satmar dynasty did  not love every Jew since he cursed the Zionists ...and not only that, he made sure that his followers also hated them ...
as to why R' Yoilish did not quote the Rambam if it bolstered his postion .....
Who knows and who cares!

To say that "Many Rivers couldn't quench his Ahavas Yisroel"  is laughable .... and a blatant lie, I may add...
You lie..... Frankfurter .... you lie!
Yitzi Frankfurter in his Shabbisdike Levush


Anonymous said...

DIN,you must be the only one in America taking this ignorant savage rotten frankfurter seriously,believe me no one but no one reads or takes this UPGERISINER NAR seriously,i happen to know this idiot personally,this mental midget cannot put together a coherent sentence if his life depended on it,this ignoramus actually pays
for someone to write these asinine and ridiculous and childish editorials.
to have the audacity and CHUTZPAH to claim that reb Yoilish Teitelbaum had unparalleled AHAVAS YISROEL,you must be either criminally insane or a pathological liar,i suspect rotten Frankfurter is both.

David Friedman said...

There is plenty, plenty to legitimately criticize about Satmar in all of its manifestations , BUT to write like a ranting na'ar about R. Yoilish or Frankfurter doesn't really create the impression that the critic is anymore intelligent than those who he has chosen to criticize.
How about a tad of civility?

Dusiznies said...

Please don't lecture me about "civility"....
R' Yoilish left a wake of Machlokas and and un-civility wherever he lived starting in Sziget with his own very family ... V'hameivin Yovin
He had his thugs harass his own nephew the Kloizenberger Rebbe in Williamsburg ... because he wasn't against the Medinah!
I grew up in that era and my father learned in Satmar in Europe ... so I know what I'm talking about ....
He instilled hate and did not discourage his chayos from using violance against R' Moshe Feinstein etc ...
So my friend when you fight with alligators you must get into the mud ...
Frankfurter..... I know from Crown Heights, and he is a tucheslekker, and always was....
and trying to convince the oilim goilim that R' Yoilish was an Ohaiv Yisroel ....
He was an "Ohaiv the SHIT'ah"
He raved and ranted against Gedoilie Yisroel and called them apikorsim ...
You can buy the cds yourself and hear with your own ears how he uses the most foul language against leaders of Klall Yisroel ...
It's time to let the new generation that Satmar was founded by a man full of hate that was rescued by the Zionists and wouldn't thank them