Thursday, December 3, 2015

Satmar celebrates R' Yoel Teitelbaum's escape from Nazis thanks to the Zionists

The 21st day of Kislev is celebrated annually by Satmar chasidim worldwide as the day R’ Yoel Teitelbaum Zt’l the founder of Satmar Chasidis in America, escaped from Hungary with the help of the Zionists, and this year marks the 71th anniversary of the Grand Rebbe’s escape from the Nazis.
R’ Teitelbaum was among over 1600 people who were transported out of Hungary by the train due to the efforts of Rudolf Kastner, one of the leaders of Budapest’s Vaadat Ezra V’Hatzalah, and a devout Zionist who brokered a deal with Adolph Eichmann to let the passengers leave in exchange for a large sum of money, diamonds and gold.  While Eichmann reneged on the deal and had the train sent to Bergen Belsen, the train was finally released after four months of negotiations and the passengers finally obtained their freedom when they arrived in Switzerland.
Last night was no different as both major Satmar factions celebrated the event in different venues.


Anonymous said...

The most important thing is that BH you should continue to platz away of the thousands k"y blah"r of Jews who came to show solidarity with authentic Judaism and proclaiming their disgust of Zionism, and btw slowly but surely even ppl are waking up THE FATHER OF ONE OF THE CONVICTED ZIONIST TERRORIST ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY THAT ISRAEL IS THE MOST ANTISEMITIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

Postmaster General said...

Am I missing something? I haven't seen any invitations mailed to Zionists.

KJ said...

Anonymous said...

"..authentic Judaism .."

About as authentic as the $20 bill I was stuck with about 25 years ago. My bank refused it and told me that there were "thousands" of'em in circulation at that time. I'll say this.... It looked pretty authentic....but was of course as counterfeit as the Givenchys sold on Canal St. Manhattan.

de Hoon

Anonymous said...

The smell must have been overwhelming.