Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Chanukah From CNN: Host Says “Let’s Ban Jews From USA”


By Debbie Schlussel

CNN Wishes You a Sieg Heil Chanukah
A CNN host wants all Jews deported from America, and she picked the Jewish holiday of Chanukah to announce it. Oh, and she still has her job.
Ashleigh Banfield, the moronic Canadian far-left host at the Crescent News Network (also, the Coran News Network), announced that Jews are worse than Muslims and have committed, in her opinion, more terrorism in American than Muslims.
 So, she wants all Jews banned from America. Oh, and for these alleged “Jewish terrorist acts,” Banfield goes back a few decades to the 1980s, just like Barack Obama and other liberals go back several centuries to whine about the Crusades (which were a response to Muslim crusades that are, strangely, never mentioned).
I’m sick and tired of the comparison of Jews to Muslims. As I’ve noted many times over the years on this site and on my social media outlets, when Jews fly planes into buildings, shoot up Fort Hood, try to blow up planes with their underwear, try to blow up Times Square and shoot up Fort Dix, openly proclaim through their chosen American leadership that they wish to replace the Constitution with the koran, then you can legitimately talk about deporting us. But, for now, there’s only one group doing all of these things exclusively: Muslims.
And, by the way, why is this dumb bitch still on the air? Aside from her Nazi-esque call on Chanukah to deport Jews–which itself should have ended her career forever–she’s been a repeat failure on the air, whether it was at ABC, CNN, or any of the many other news outlets that have given her more than the proverbial nine lives. Oh, and by the way, this idiotette wore pants to her wedding. Yup, she literally wears the pants in that marriage . . . and the testicles. Only a guy with none would end up with this uber-ugly Eva Braun.
Some of the examples Banfield cites are absolute BS and were never adjudicated. The JDL member who was in jail for allegedly attempting to bomb a mosque and Darrell Issa’s offices was never tried. He was murdered in jail while awaiting trial. And there was NO evidence he was going to bomb Issa or a mosque. He only openly said he hated a particular mosque and Issa and wanted to bring them down, after reading a column I wrote on Issa’s pan-jihadist affiliations (Issa is endorsing Marco Rubio Boobio for Prez, by the way). There was never any evidence of any attempt at violence and the man never had a history of any violence. And there was a lot of evidence that Issa and his then-chief-of-staff agitated the JDL guy in order to make me look bad. Issa has long tried to shut me down and shut up my columns exposing his jihad-enabling activity, to the point that he used federal tax dollars to put together a laughable “dossier” on me, which he sent to David Horowitz.
Jews are not and never have been a threat to America’s existence. Muslims are. Jews have been a part of America every step of the way, from its founding, fighting in every single war, including the Revolutionary War. We’ve made America better. Muslims have not only made it worse. They want to replace it with a caliphate and our Constitution with the koran and shariah. Their own chosen leadership has said so repeatedly. Why won’t we believe ’em? Why doesn’t Ashleigh Banfield have a clue? She’s a bleeping shrieking moron.
Oh, and by the way, John Pistole, the “real venerable guy,” Banfield quotes is the incompetent former TSA chief under whose “leadership,” TSA missed 99% of fake bombs slipped through airport security. Federal Air Marshals hated him because he was a doofus who risked their lives. Well, now we know why he was such a failure: he was too busy focusing on “The Terrorist Jews” apparently.
We need to ban all Canadian dumb bitches from America and its cable channels, and we’ll be a whole lot better. And this moronette needs to be treated to the Lara Logan Tahrir Square Experience.
To my fellow Jewish Americans, Happy Chanukah from CNN and Ashleigh Braun-field.
By the way, since Banfield made the dumbass comparison a lot of idiot liberals have been making between Jews and Muslims, how many Christmas songs can you name that were written and/or composed by Muslims?
Infidels Roasting on an Open Fire?
[“The Christmas Song” a/k/a “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” written by Jewish American Mel Torme is one of many Christmas songs we Jews wrote.]


Politically correct said...

Banfield is a Hamas supporter

Anonymous said...

When this bitch was at NBC she infuriated NBC President Neal Shapiro by unprofessionally going off script to attack Fox News as racist against Arabs. He made sure that for the rest of her contract she had no desk and had to float around the office like a nomad to do her work.

Anonymous said...

Of course you know why? She's angry how come the Jews in America don't have in their Chanukah party's menu some pork like the Israelis

Anonymous said...

She divorced the great-grandson of billionaire railroad magnate Jay Gould & is probably milking him for alimony