Wednesday, December 23, 2015

David Lichtenstein "Hillary Tuches Lekker" to Host a Fundraiser for the Anti-Semite!

Hillary Tuches Lekker
Looks like Hashem gives money to fools too! This Tuchis Lekker will host a fundraiser for the well known anti-Semite Hillary Clinton!
I am sure that the big money grubbing Rebbelich and Roshei Yeshivah will line up to hand him big bucks to take a glimpse of that ugly yenteh! They did that when he hosted a fundraiser in his Lakewood home in 2007!

I have written and posted on numerous occasions outlining  Hillary's back stabbing of the Jewish people!
See and read

This fool, Lichtencrap, because he has a couple of dollars will help her stab his Jewish brethren in the heart!

Does he have crush on that ugly witch that goes to the bathroom on a debate?

What is the relationship between Hillary and Lichtencrap? 
Can anyone tell me?

What is it with us Jews that find it necessary to back candidates that hate our guts?
What is it with Jews that only care about their own interests? 
I am positive that all Yeshivos  will send representatives to this Hillary love fest and line up to take photos with this machshefah.
It's all about how much funding this bitch will provide to the Holy Mosdos! "Let all of Israel and its residents go to hell as long as my Yeshivah gets a couple of $$$$$$$$$$$$$!"

Is it a wonder that our youth have lost all interest in our beautiful heritage and traditions?

Here is the invitation that Mr. Lichtencrap e-mailed :

David & Shiffy Lichtenstein
Cordially Invite You to Join Them
For an Exclusive and Intimate Event
Cocktails with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Thursday, January 14TH, 2016
5:30 p.m.
Midtown Manhattan
Due to Security, Location will be Provided upon Response
This will be one of Secretary Clinton’s only NYC visits In January and February.
I ask that you join us and offer your support for the Future President of the United States.
Please Respond Promptly With Your Interest in Attending and Supporting Hillary for America.
Limited Space Available
Contribution: $ 2,700 per Individual / $ 5,400 per Couple
Event Co-Chair: $ 10,000 Raise
For additional information, please contact Linda at (212) 616 9969 or

Be sure that I will send someone to that event who will report exclusively to DIN We will report and identify all the sick Jews that will attend and who are donating to this scoundrel!


Anonymous said...

Hey you POS
As isaid many times before in only one subject you are an expert and absolutely not ignorant and that's in foul language and name calling, you know why? Because it's you shtick drek who's really all those names

Sheiketz araus! said...

hypocrite 2:17 pm uses all kinds of foul language while giving musser for exactly that. go figure

David Lichtenspleen moved out of Lakewood because activity like this made him persona non grata there. Where does he daven in Monsey that the rov and the oylam tolerate this backstabbing garbage?

The Big ME said...

"Lightstone" which is English for Lichtenstein, is a publicity hog. Rabbonim are very angry with him for a list of items. A couple of examples are an interview he gave where he was boasting he will become a Jewish Warren Buffett or someone like that. Then his latest stunt is hosting that dumb radio show where he mouths off all kinds of hashkafically problematic shtissim mit lukshin

OU Crony Watch said...

Why is Menachem Genack getting a pass? He is also a fundraiser of note for the Wicked Witch of the East, Hillary Clinton. And Corzine appointed Genack to a NJ State commission whose bleeding heart purpose was how to get all shvartza criminals out of jail so they can continue to menace society because nebich they are uncomfortable in jail.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We plan on helping trump get out the orthodox jewish vote. We are a group of activist who will place ads and signs in all ny Shuls supporting Trump.