Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blacks stone Belz Yeshiva Bus in Monsey, Child hurt!

It was a frightening few moments on a bus packed with Yeshiva children, Tuesday afternoon, when the school-bus was pelted with stones.

 Around 2:15PM, a bus from the Belzer Cheder on North Cole and Church Street in Spring Valley exited the school to take the young children home. As soon as the driver made a left tun out of the school and onto North Cole, multiple rocks struck the bus windows where the children were sitting. One rock went flying through the window and struck a child.

Spring Valley Police as well as Rockland Chaverim responded quickly to the scene, and began combing the area for the perpetrators.

The suspects are reportedly an African American male, and an African American female [ages unknown].

Rockland Hatzolah was on the scene treating the child for facial abrasions.

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