Monday, December 26, 2022

Beit Shemesh Rabbis Call for Violent Protests Against the Residents of Beit Shemesh Dalet


Bet Shemesh is a city growing very fast, and there is constant construction to make room for thousands of Israelis that need homes....

Bet Shemesh is the perfect place, its 25 minutes from Yerusalayim, great transportation, has large malls, many Yeshivos, and has plans for a Hospital in the very near future..
And there are many different neighborhoods so that everyone can find their place 

There is Bet Shemesh itself, then there is Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef, Gimmel, Gimmel Shtayim, Dalet and Hey, that caters to everyone...Yeshivash ... Chassidish, Sfardim, Mizrachists etc

Remat Bet Shemesh "Bet" is where the fanatics live ....
This group of fanatics are so extreme that a lot of them were thrown out even from Meah Shearim! 

Ramat Beit Shemesh Dalet is the largest project, and it is bigger than all of Beit Shemesh combined. 

Recently, the Chareidie parasites living in Beit Shemesh Bet have taken vans and taxis to Dalet, to scream at the residents, to spit at girls and grown women and to destroy property.They scream at people talking on their smartphones, making their lives miserable
 In addition, they deface the brand-new walls of the city with graffiti about "tznious."
All this to discourage Dati Leumi people from moving in. 

Last week, the residents who are fed up with these "roaches" dressed like people, took the law into their own hands and chased them out. The "roaches" started physically assaulting the residents and all hell broke loose. 

So, the extremists went to their "gedoilim" and they issued a "fatwa" a Kol Korah, blessing them and encouraging these sickos to keep fighting even if it leads to violence

This is not going to end well! Last week in Yerushalyim one of their teenagers hurled a flaming garbage bin down the street and a mother of 11 got hit bad and she is still in a coma. 

*בית שמש חדשות*
"מחאה נמרצ
רבני הקיצונים בקהילה החרדית במכתב חיזוק לקהילתם ומחאה כנגד התושבים*

רבני הקיצונים בעדה החרדית והקהילה הקנאית בעיר, יצאו במכתב תמיכה וחיזוק לאברכים הקיצונים בשכונת רמת בית שמש ד' ה"יוצאים בפעולות לחיזוק טוהר וקדושת המחנה ושמירת חומות הצניעות".

ומנגד מביעים 'מחאה נמרצת' כנגד התושבים אותם מכנים - "אנשי מדון ריקים ומנוערים מכל דעת תורה אשר בחרו לתת יד לשלטון, אוי להם מיום הדין".

על המכתב חתומים הרב *נתן הכהן קופשיץ*, הרב *נפתלי הערש רטנברג*, הרב *יצחק ברנדספר* ועוד, הרבנים קוראים לקיצונים להמשיך "בפעולתיכם הכבירות לקדש שם שמים ללא שום מורא ופחד".
Loose Translation:
A vigorous protest":


Extremist rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox community sent a letter of encouragement to their community which contained a protest against residents*

The extremist rabbis of the Eida Hachreidis and the fanatical community in the city, issued a letter of support and encouragement to the extremists in the neighborhood of Ramat Beit Shemesh Dalet,


"That they should take actions to strengthen the purity and sanctity of the camp and guarding the walls of modesty."

In addition, they express a 'vigorous protest' against the residents whom they call - "people of Madon empty and devoid of all Torah knowledge who chose to lend a hand to the government, woe to them from the day of judgment".

The letter is signed by


Rabbi *Natan HaCohen Kupshitz*,


Rabbi *Naftali Arash Ratenberg*,


Rabbi *Yitzhak Brandorfer* and more,


The rabbis call on the extremists to continue "in your mighty actions to sanctify the heavens without any fear or fear."



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Definition of a cult.

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The fish stinks from its head, these so called rabbis,are nothing but filthy Jew hating and Israel hating terrorists, who need to be deported immediately to their friends in Gaza