Thursday, December 15, 2022

Chareidim Riot Like Arabs in Bet Shemesh "Bet" Throwing Stones on Buses with children inside and Putting Trash Bins on Fire .Rabbanim Refuse to Condemn them!


As I explained previously, Beit Shemesh is huge with a population of over 120,000 bl"eh. 
There is a neighborhood that is called Beit Shemesh Bet, where the majority of the residents are extremists. 
If you met them one on one, they are the nicest guys but when they are together, they are dangerous, just like a match and a powder keg.

About two weeks ago, a couple of these guys decided to take a bus to Yerushlayim and burn down a store that sold Kosher cell phones, that refused to pay the Chareidie Mafia... "bakshish" bribe money!
There was a family of twelve living upstairs on top of the store, and they barely got out with their lives; the entire store burned to a crisp.

After an investigation, the Zionists were able to identify who the "tzaddikim" were by examining the nearby "tumedikeh" video cameras. They discovered that the arsonists lived in Beit Shemesh Bet!
They arrested the arsonists who should have been charged with attempted murder, but the cursed Zionist judge who had misplaced mercy on these "achzorim" only held them for arson. 

Since their arrest, there has been violent protests every single night, where grown men and bochrim block traffic in their very own communities for hours on end,  to try to get the judge to release them. 
No one would actually care except that there are wedding halls in this neighborhood, and people from other surrounding areas need to go there if they want to go to the simchas. Some stopped going to simchas to avoid the hassle. 

 The residents or people, if you want to call them that, by in large support these terrorists, since they do nothing to stop them, they just munch on "garinim" and gaze at them like they would at monkeys in a zoo. 

Last night they took these riots to a new level, having learned from their Palestinian cousins, that to make the news, you have to step up your game, so they threw rocks at the windows of the buses that were just sitting there, trapped like mice in a cat's jaws, with innocent, men, women and children and even infants sitting inside... For some color, they put the garbage bins on fire..
Hashem must have been watching, because miracle of miracles, no one got hurt.

While this was going on, a group of maybe 100, hired taxis to take them to a brand-new neighborhood in Beit Shemesh, called Beit Shemesh Dalet to continue their mischief. 

Beir Shemesh Dalet will eventually be the largest neighborhood in Beit Shemesh, and these hooligans trying to discourage Dati Leumi Jews from moving in (there are hundreds of Dati Leumi families living there already) protest there every night and scribble "tzniyois" graffiti on the brand-new walls.
Last night they stepped up the game over there too and started spitting on the girls and grown woman that walked by and proceeded to draw Palestinian flags in the brand-new elevators. 

Spitting for them is nothing new, in 2011 they spat and verbally abused a little girl going to school. They got a lot of flak for this huge Chillul Hashem and to stop the national outrage they marched out one of their Capos, a guy by the name of Moshe Friedman who brazenly made a statement denying the entire incident, though he did admit to "yelling" at this little girl, even though there were others who witnessed the incident.

He said at that time that they would continue to yell and harass the little girls because the school she attended was in their neighborhood. The school is actually on the border, (I know, I lived around the corner) and even if it was in their neighborhood, why should a little frum girl going to yeshiva in Israel, in a Jewish country, be yelled and screamed at? And why can't a frum Dati School be anywhere in Israel? If they don't like it, they should move to Ramallah,
In Dalet, there are none of their schools there yet, B"H, and yet they take taxis to spit and yell at girls and Jewish mothers, that don't even live in their neighborhood.

The "spitter" was arrested last night but the Zionist judge let the "shtick drek" off with a warning.

The residents in this new neighborhood, seeing that the Zionists police wouldn't do a damn thing, have decided to fight back, and are taking the law into their own hands and now there is a war every night in Dalet, and I hope no one gets killed.
The protestors don't even live there, they live in BET! 

I think that the Beit Shemesh community should do the following:
(A) Stop shopping in BET, let the shopkeepers know, that things can go two ways
(B) DALET residents should jot down the license plate numbers of the vehicle transporting these vermin and call the Taxi companies and tell them they will not be responsible for what happens to their tires
(C) Sue them personally! 


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Anonymous said...

You are just as bad as the spitter! If I lived in Israel, I would walk with a Baton and beat the crap out of any of those spitters!!! When I visit Israel, I pray to meet one of these crazies do anything to my wife and daughter. They would beg to be saved by an Arab!

Talking about this but doing nothing is useless! No one stands up to them and this is why they have power! Soldiers who get stones thrown at them should rifle butt them in their face. These animals are no better than an Arab animal and should be treated the same!

Men in Bet Shemesh need to stand up! Why are they allowing 100 people to come and protest? They should go out and greet these protestors with sticks and stones, because they surely do break bones! When people feel the pain of protesting, you will see have fast they stop!

So instead of writing about it, gather a bunch of men to be the new day Shomrim. Everyone loves remember what shomrim used to be like, but no one takes the action!

Nu? said...

How about relocating them to Jenin?

LES AYM said...

In Mea Shearim too!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr tough guy. Just so you know please pray for other things besides this one of meeting someone that will insult your wife, as this might be a tefilas shov. If you read the article the last time it happened Obama was in his first term as president, just sit back and read the blog. But please don't get too carried away

Anonymous said...

Don’t let them get away with their evil deeds. If the police can’t stop it, community members should do so.

Anonymous said...

Tough guy or not, bullies only respond to pain. Police have to worry that they will get in trouble. I don't. I don't care if the pig is 10 years old or 100. They will meet their destroyer of worlds.

Anonymous said...

Usual mass hysteria - obviously they are not happy with the enforced ultra frum life!

Anonymous said...

Hi nefesgh benefesh - Never mind