Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Endorses Hillary!

Bernie Endorses Hillary
 Watching this ralley was hilarious, 'cause there was Bernie up there being Bernie. And standing next to him was Hillary, who looked like a bobblehead doll. 

She's standing there smiling with this vacant smile, like the last place she wanted to be was playing second fiddle to this old codger. But she had to bite the bullet, and she had to do it. 

He's up there, and Bernie is making everybody in this crowd regret that he's not the nominee.  Make no mistake about that.  It's a Bernie rally.  And even when he finished and introduced her and she stands there smiling and beaming and squawking and squealing and whatever she does, the crowd's chanting, "Bernie, Bernie," and you could see she got a little ticked. 

Hillary is out there saying that if she's elected president, we're gonna make (get this, now) serious investments in the best-paying jobs since World War II.  

We're gonna make serious investments. We're gonna create the best-paying jobs since World War II.  

So, what have you been doing the last 7-1/2 years?  

Why are you waiting to do all this? 

 Why don't you call Obama today and tell him how to do it?  

He's in Dallas, supposedly unifying people.  

Why don't you call Obama and give him the secret? 

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