Tuesday, July 26, 2016

David Horowitz Missing from Satmar Camp! UPDATE::: FOUND SAFE!!!!!!

Hatzolah, Misaskim and other groups are searching since last night for missing is 15-year-old David Horowitz, who went missing from Camp Sha’arei Chemle.

David is a special needs child. He was last seen at the camp at around 8:00PM on Monday night.
He was wearing the clothing seen in the attached photo of him.

The camp is part of the Satmar [Kiryas Joel] Camp network 

State Police helicopter is assisting in the search, as well as K-9 Units on the ground.
Missing in Round  Top, NY (exit 20 off the thruway)
Dovid Don ben Miriam Fraidel is his name for Tehillim.
If you see this person, please call the State Police or Hatzolah immediately.

After searching for more than 12 hours, a missing special-needs child was found on Tuesday at 12:00 noon.
 He was found sleeping in the forest. He was found by a group of Hatzolah members searching the forest.
Around two hours ago, the child hat was found in the woods.
He is Bichasdei Hashem in healthy condition and being brought back to authorities to be checked out.
Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search for the missing 15-year-old who disappeared  from Camp Sha’arei Chemle in Roundtop New York (Green County).
The camp is part of the Satmar [Kiryas Joel] Camp network
The search was coordinated by The NY State Police, NY Forest Rangers as well as Catskills Hatzolah, Kiryas Joel Hatzolah and the Misaskim Organization.
A State Police helicopter assisted in the search, as well as K-9 Units on the ground.


Anonymous said...

Thank G-D

Unknown said...

Something smells wrong here.
Wouldn't be surprised if this was another molestation coverup.