Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monsey Rabbis Ban Places of Exercise!

The ad appeared in this week's edition of the "Community Connections." This time it was in Hebrew and in Yiddish. Why didn't they print it in English? Are only Yiddish & Hebrew speakers part of this ban, and the English speaking public exempt? Are there two different Torahs, one for the English speaking public and another for the Yiddish speaking public?
These Rabbis call themselves the "Vaad Mishmeres Yehadus" the "Committee for the Protection of Yiddishkeit." It is fascinating to note that the Rabbis on the letterhead of this ban are the same Rabbis insisting that the Convicted Rapist Yisroel Weingarten is innocent, and are raising large sums of money to get him released from prison.
On one hand they prohibit Places of Exercise, because there is "Taruvois" "mixing" of men and women, on the other hand they don't have any problems with one of their own raping his own child!
Here is the ban, scroll down to see English translation: Then see my comments:
Committee for the Protection of Yiddishkeit.
Here in our City of Monsey
Harav the Gaon Moshe Green, Harav the Gaon Chaim Yehoshua Halberstam, Harav the Gaon Bezalel Toivia Wettenstein, Harav the Gaon Yisroel Hagar, Harav the Gaon Menachem Meir Weismandl, Harav the Gaon Chaim Faivel Shnaibalg
In Honor of our Jewish Brothers, Residents of Monsey and its surrounding Towns,
Since we heard a report, that there are people in Monsey that are "Moreh Heter" (permitting via a distortion of Halacha) to go to the so called "Exercise Places" where men and women or televisions and other destructive tools are found, and their excuse is that they are going there "for health reasons," and therefore permitted,  we are therefore letting everyone know that this is definitely prohibited. Even though the Important Public at Large knows that going to places where men and women congregate is prohibited, we find it necessary to publicize it.... and to those who listen to this ban will come blessings.
Committee officials
Dus iz nies:
With all due respect to the signed Honorod Rabbonim, with this ban you are not "Protecting Yiddishkeit" as your name of your Vaad proposes. You are actually advocating for obesity and Heart Attacks. Practically ALL of the Exercise Places have separate men and woman exercise rooms.  Yes, all men and women should actually join so that they improve their health. What other solutions did you Rabbis come up with? Your Committee was basically set up to ban ban ban ban ban ban and ban again. The Community Connection is becoming the place where anyone with a letterhead can dump on the Jewish People!
I personally think that the reason the ad does not appear in English is because "LIfePlex" an exercise place in Monsey advertises occasionally in the Community Connections, and they didn't want Lifeplex to G-D Forbid see the ad!

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