Monday, May 27, 2024

Huge Chillul Hashem in The "Holy" City of Miron as IDF and Chareidie Infiltrators Clash!

Lag Be'omar festivities were marred by Charedim who defied instructions of the IDF and infiltrated Meron, sprayed water, threw Bentches and Sefarim on the IDF ! 

The IDF, of course, didn't take crap from them and beat the hell out of them! 

I'm faulting the IDF here as well, as a lot of them used unnecessary violence and people were hurt, so were 21 soldiers, some of them seriously hurt! 

The IDF needs more training to deal with these violent Chareidim who have nothing to do 364 days a year and need to let out their frustrations that have been bottling up!

R' Shimon ben Yechai has been asking them not to come for years, first with the stampede when 45 Yiddishe Neshamoes were murdered, then with Covid, and now R' Shimon sent Arabs! But no one seems to get the message! 

This year Chareidim must have been angry at R' Shimon, so when the IDF came into the room they took many of R' Shimon's sefarim, the Zohar to be specific, and threw them at the IDF. I am not sure what R' Shimon thinks of this blasphemy but I'm sure he won't soon forget this huge defamation of his name and the name of our Creator! 


Ferd said...

Are you implying they tunneled their way in?

Anonymous said...

They were told not to go due to the risk of bombing thus risk of death, the Police and IDF gave warnings then they should have left, if these people want to put their lives in a place of possible danger be it on them and their Rabbonim that said they could go

Anonymous said...

And how many hundreds of nurses and doctors get side lined?

עבירה גוררת עבירה said...

These Hasidics take some faulty theology, blow it up way out of proportion, ecen exalting Meron over Yerushalayim ihr hakodesh in some cases, so it is no surprise that they go crazy when the whistle is blown on them and their gig.

Garnel Ironheart said...

I would say it's actually good the Tzahal reacted this way.
1) Bullies need to be give a taste of their own medication
2) There's enough folks who noticed that Arab protestors are strongly dealt with while Jewish ones get kid gloves. Same standard for all this time.

FYI said...

Garnel - a blanket statement that Jewish "protesters" get treated with kid gloves there is quite incorrect and inaccurate.