Thursday, May 23, 2024

Frieda Vizel Ex-Satmar "viebel" Bewildered That Goyim Hate Jews!


Frieda Vizel was brought up in the Satmar Community in KJ in Monroe. She was married to a Satmar Chusid, had a child, and decided to leave the Satmar culture and divorced. She was able to take her son with her, something very rare in the Satmar Community! 

Frieda has a Web Site, and  U-Tube Channel where she discusses her background and does "hasbara" of the Satmar Community in Williamsburg. In fact, she is presently a tourist guide where she brings in outsiders to explain and experience the community. She is also a talented cartoonist, in fact the above cartoon is a self-portrait. She unlike others that left the community only speaks of her background in glowing terms. She left because it wasn't for her. period! 

את חטאי אני מזכיר היום I have to admit that I try to follow her content and find it very interesting, and found her to be genuine, very sweet, kind with a calming demeanor. I wish her well! 

Having said all this, I was shocked when I watched her latest podcast in which she is totally bewildered about antisemitic hate comments on a segment that she did on  Kosher Phones

 Those who follow this blog, know that my background is Chareide, leaning to the Chasiddishe side; my parents were Holocaust survivors and I was brought up in a community where there wasn't a Jew that I knew that had grandparents. When I was in Shidduchim, all my prospects were from similar backgrounds and in fact my wife's parents were also survivors.

I didn't grow up in KJ as that town didn't exist at that time, I grew up in Brownsville then we moved to Crown Heights before Chabad was dominant, and then we moved to Boro-Park, When I got married I moved to Monsey, and now B'H, I live in Ramat Bet Shemesh. 
I have to say that I don't remember ONE SINGLE DAY as a child and teenager that I didn't experience antisemitism, whether it was on my way to and from school, in school, or playing in the neighborhood parks. Every single day I was reminded that I was a Jew! Halloween was literally the scariest day of the year, not because the Goyim dressed up in scary costumes, but because they would wait for us to come home from school to beat the crap out of us! 

So for Frieda to be bewildered by the hateful comments on her content is something that I didn't understand at first.......... And then I got to thinking. 

She actually did grow up with hate but didn't realize it or internalize it, even now on May 23, 2024 she doesn't have a clue about the hate she grew up with. I know because I know people very very very close to me who grew up in KJ!  

One just has to open a Satmar Yiddish book designed exclusively for Satmar girls, that drips with hate against their fellow Jews who are Zionists! Outright Blood Libels! The book has 309 pages of pure hate and vile vitriol, She doesn't recognize it as such even now that she is out of the community!
That book clearly differentiates Zionists from Jews with a strict line of demarcation. 
Yiddish Satmar Book for Women 

The Chapter talks about Living in Israel ... The Title? "Living together with Rashaim" 

"Asking Jews to make Aliyah is Apikorsas!"

And that is why she cannot understand even in her wildest dreams that Goyim that hate Zionists, hate Jews! 
She doesn't hear, that to a Goy, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, whether he is a Zionist, whether he is a Satmar Chusid, a Neturei Karta, Mizrachist, Litvish, Sfardie, OTD, or even a Tourist Guide. 
In one of  my posts just today I featured a young girl, by the name of Naama Levy, who is, should say was,  a far leftist, who like Frieda, naively thought she could befriend Non-Jews and Arabs and help "bridge" the gap between Jews and Arabs and that if only we understood each other we could live together in peace.
 Naama, unfortunately, learned the hard way that this is impossible, she is now a hostage, that is if she is still alive,  Frieda is slowly learning that now!
 Of course, there are Goyim and even Muslims that are decent, caring people who wouldn't hurt anyone, but as we now see and witness there are very few around, and those that are, cannot or will not say a word!  Bilam says it best " עם לבדד ישכון"   a "nation that dwells all alone!" 

Frieda living and growing up in the utopia of KJ wasn't taught hate of goyim and even though she knew that her grandparents were survivors, they didn't talk about it and it wasn't taught in schools. Goyim as far as Satmar was concerned was so alien to their culture that it didn't need to be talked about, no Satmar except in the business world would have anything to do with Goyim; Goyim=Martians!

What was dangerous to Satmar philosophy were frum people that had a philosophy directly opposed to the Satmar SHIT'ah aka Zionism!
 A Frum Jew even in a Shtrimal and Bekeshe and maybe even be wearing "vaaseh shtrimp" but who sympathizes with the Zionists was and is, an "inyan" of יהרג ועל יעבור  that frum Jew was and is today a threat to Satmar and everything it stands for and must be slandered and cursed, 
and so Satmar had no choice but to make that hate part and parcel of their curriculum even to girls, that "Zionism" wasn't a Jewish thing, and was actually an anathema something to abhor and loathe. 

Satmar publicly burns the Israel Flag, a symbol of the Jewish people. If you ask any Goy to identify the flag of Cuba or Ireland, they couldn't do it but every single Goy in the world shown an Israel Flag will immediately identify this as the flag of the Jewish people, though Israel is smaller than New Jersey in size, and the population of the Jewish people in total, is less than the entire population of the first grade in China! 
Yet Satmar sees nothing wrong with burning the symbol that the entire world equates with being Jewish and burns it publicly, thinking that Goyim will see the difference between Satmar and the Zionists! 
This is where Frieda grew up and where she absorbed by osmoses that being a Zionist is far worse than being a Non-Jew! 
Even the  Love of Eretz Yisrael wasn't something actual it was something abstract, it was something that you mouthed on the Seder night "לשנה הבאה בירושלים" when 99.9% of the family was already safely tucked into bed! 

So a Frieda Vizel that grew up in an environment where not only is Zionism separate from Judaism, but is to be hated, she cannot fathom or imagine that to a Goy, it makes no difference whether you care about Israel or if you are Neture Karta, to them it's all the same thing. Neturei Karta will learn that, hopefully, very soon too. 
The battle cry of Free Palestine means Jews should leave the WORLD .. The Entire World! 

It wasn't too long ago that Spain expelled its Jews and now, today on May 23, they announced that they want to expel Jews from Israel as well, as they announced just hours ago that they will recognize the State of Palestine.
Does Frieda know that for millions of Jews that live in Israel, they cannot go anywhere!! This is their home! They only have an Israeli passport! 

Frieda is learning firsthand that GOYIM , by in large, hate Jews no matter who they are and where they are, or what they look like. They attacked her on her innocent segment on Kosher Phones, and she is bewildered that someone would spew hate on such a binary subject, she is shocked! 

The only reason she is bewildered,  is because in her background there is a major difference between a Zionist and a Jew, a Satmar Jew to be more specific! 

She is coming to the realization that a Goy doesn't care what you think, a Goy only knows that you are a Jew and that is what they hate. They will take a segment on Kosher Phones and make it into a Free Palestine discussion! 
They don't care that practically everything you, Frieda, talk about, is about a community that hates and abhors Zionists, they don't see that distinction! 

To Goyim the fight of Zionism and Satmar is an internal struggle between Jews and that is all that is to them! 
I would suggest that you read the book "Hitler's Willing Executioners" on second thought, you don't need to read that today just listen to BBC, CNN, New York Times and you will see that we are hated by everyone! 

And now a word to those who went off the Derech (OTD) and think that they will just blend in with the Goyim! Good Luck! 

When Hitler ym"s wrote his book Mein Kampf in 1925 he had never met a Chassidishe Jew, he only knew Jews that looked like Goyim, he writes that his first encounter with Jews was in the German Army in WWI. I'm sure there wasn't a Jewish soldier wearing a Shtreimal! The Jew that Hitler ym"s hated was a Jew that looked like him and may even have been assimilated! 
The Jew that Hitler ym"s loathed didn't look like Frieda's father, grandfather or ex-husband, or like the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe he looked like Blinken, and that's who he hated, so once the Goy gets wind of the fact that you are Jewish, he will hate your guts even if your jeans are torn, even if you wear a halter top, he will hate you even if you are kind to him.
 Frieda says in the video below that her only son is off to college someplace if I remember in Minneapolis,  I wish him the best of luck, and I don't know what he looks like, but Frieda should know that even if he is blond and blue-eyed, once they find out that he is Jewish he will be shunned and rejected. Frieda, you heard it here first! They won't give two hoots that his mother grew up with anti-Zionists, to them he is a Jew from a Jewish Father & Mother!  No "hasbara" will explain that away! 
The Jews fought and died for the civil rights movement, I remember that very well, and what did they get in return????  A huge kick in the proverbial ass! 
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished! Said a wise man! So True! 

The following are direct quotes from Freida Vizel's Blog:On Zionism - Frieda Vizel

" I often had a hard time differentiating between zionists and nazis. To me it was all a heap of Jew-destroyers, a curse word you followed by “erased-be-their-names”, yemach shemo. The zionists killed six million Jews, I’d write on my history test."

In the quote below she states that OTDs are anti-Zionist because of "the atrocities against Arabs" 
Shows you how ignorant she is of what is happening in Israel This quote is parroted by Satmar propeganda! 

"It seems many who leave orthodoxy also espouse an anti-zionist stance of sorts, mostly because of the overwhelming religious power in the Israeli government and because of atrocities committed against Arabs"

Frieda wrote the above quote in a humorous essay titled "On Zionism" she wrote it in 2012, not long after she left the community. I fail to see the humor!!


Anonymous said...

I just watched the video which was posted. I too have watched previous videos of her and find her to be very insightful, very fair and very respectful. I have no problem with her having left Judaism, if she felt that it truly just wasn't for her.

What is interesting however, is that like so many leftie-Jews, secular Jews, assimilated Jews, chassidishe Jews, unaffiliated Jews, even pro-P*lestine Jews etc. etc., she reckons that the current anti-Semitism around the world is connected (or should be connected) exclusively to Zionism and being a Zionist. She, like the other groups mentioned, still believes that as a non-Zionist (if she is indeed that), she is 'different', she is 'better' and should therefore be loved or at least, not so hated, because she is not a Zionist. Unfortunately, for her and those other groups, October 7 served as a reminder and wake-up call: It's about the Jews, Zionist or not. Anti-Semitism has no rhyme or reason, so whether you are a Zionist or anti-Zionist, if you're Jewish, you'll be hated.

Many years ago I read in an article that Howard Stern said: if the Jews lived and colonized the moon, soon enough there would be people screaming and complaining: how come the Jews get the moon?? Colonizers! We want the moon! Get the Jews out of there!

It's just pure and unadulterated Jew-hatred.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. But do you think that because of her experience in KJ and Satmar she has rose colored glasses of the non-Jewish world?

Anonymous said...

"have no problem with her having left Judaism, if she felt that it truly just wasn't for her." That ought to tell us just about all about-YOURSELF
As that is the sum of your anarchic shmorgasbord Judaism, the anti-semites
are on to something

Anonymous said...

@ 2:01:
Wow, you sound very angry! Why??
FYI, I happen to be a frum heimishe Yid, raising a frum family in a frum community. Don't be choyshed bichshayrim and don't speak rechilus!
Big announcement: not everyone leaves Yiddishkeit because of all the 'usual suspects' like: internet/tv/radio/newspaper in the house; goyishe books/music in the house; ADD/ADHD; didn't sing zemiros at the Shabbos table; loshon hora; lace in the sheitels; featuring women's faces in Jewish magazines; nannies raised the kids; didn't give enough $$$ to people (charlatans) who promise to protect us; ayin horeh; molestation or other abusive behaviours - you get the idea. Everybody has an excuse for OTD people. Yes, some of these reasons might be accurate but the reality is that some people are just not interested and/or find it too challenging to lead a frum lifestyle. That's the way it is and deal with it. It may be hard to believe that someone would discard Yiddishkeit unless there is a seriously extunating reason, but I know many people who left because...they just weren't interested.
And conversely, I know many people who were subjected to some/many of the above-mentioned factors and turned out to be frum people. That's how life is!

Circle said...

@4:56 - After reading your comments, you sound a lot more angry than just angry.
2:01 is correctly pointing out that there never is a good excuse to stop being a shomer Torah. Just because people do it doesn't make it correct.

Anonymous said...

She left because she had no idea one can practice frum Judaism differently then satmar. The straw on the camels back was being forced to shave her hair. I think if she had a way to interact with other types of yidden she might have stayed frum. Unfortunately she found footsteps which was the end