Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Grisly Details How IDF Discovered the 4 Israeli Hostages


A tragic report from the Times of Israel has exposed the grisly details of how Israeli troops made the heartbreaking discovery last week of four Israeli hostages brutally murdered by Hamas.

According to the harrowing account, IDF paratroopers stumbled upon the gruesome scene almost by chance while clearing the Jabaliya neighborhood in the Gaza Strip. They came under yup from Hamas terrorists and encountered a vast network of terror tunnels and booby traps. A Yahalom squad commander’s instincts led him to pull up an unassuming rug in an abandoned house, revealing a shaft entrance to an underground tunnel.

“We discovered explosives at the entrance to the shaft,” the unnamed commander told The Times of Israel. “We began operating underground, carefully, with determination, using intuition.”

What elite Israeli combat engineers found beneath that rug should shake the world – the rotting bodies of four Israeli civilians kidnapped last October by the sadistic Hamas terrorists. Amit Buskila, Ron Benjamin, Itzhak Gelerenter and Shani Louk had been held hostage for eight agonizing months by the Iranian-backed terrorists before being massacred and unceremoniously dumped in the shadows of the tunnel.

While the grief of the victims’ families is unimaginable, the heroism and dedication of the Israeli troops bringing them home is  undeniable.

“Having confirmed they were our hostages, there is no greater pride than that,” the commander said. “There is no greater privilege. And we want to continue ceaselessly to bring more and more hostages home.”

Undeterred by recent allegations of “war crimes” from the International Criminal Court, the democratic Israeli military continues to fight with professionalism and make every effort to uphold international norms even as its troops come under fire from an enemy that glorifies bloodshed.

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