Wednesday, May 22, 2024

""Shmira' the Flatbush Jewish Army Make two Arrests in Supermarket EBT Card-Skimming Fraud

DIN: The big beards in Flatbush and Boro-Park look down on the IDF! Why? because it's a Zionist entity, but in Flatbush the beards are all for this Jewish army! 

  Two suspects were arrested Tuesday, on suspicion of using skimming devices to steal personal information from grocery customers and commit fraud.

 Thanks to a weeks-long investigation by Shmira, the men were caught on camera removing a skimming device at Moisha’s Supermarket on Avenue M in Flatbush, as reported in Hamodia.

They were allegedly defrauding EBT/SNAP customers, and are believed to have committed similar crimes in supermarkets across Brooklyn.

Shmira had been stationed at the supermarket hoping to nab the suspects. After the arrests, they tweeted: “Two perpetrators behind the credit card scheme in Brooklyn, who installed skimming devices on multiple credit card machines at large supermarkets, scamming hundreds of people, have been arrested! Kudos to the incredible teamwork of Boro Park & Flatbush Shmira utilizing their sophisticated CCTV technology. Thank you to the NYPD 66th precinct for a quick response! #WorkingTogether”

In a wild twist, according to Hamodia, one of the suspects faked an illness after his arrest, and police called EMS. Once cleared by EMT’s, the skimming device was not found on the suspect; however sure enough, the device was discovered under the stretcher that the suspect had been placed in.

There has been a spree of skimming device schemes in recent months, although it is not clear how many more suspects remain free.

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FYI said...

Army is the wrong term here. There is no war there, thank G-d.

A more correct and fitting term is police, as crime fighting is involved, which is what police do. However, Shomrim are not police, though they are a civilian patrol that supports and works with them. The police are the ones that make the arrests, and handle some of the other work that is beyond what community patrols are authorized to do.