Monday, May 27, 2024

Beit Shemesh Girl Arrested on her Way to Har Habayis


Last week, on Pesach Sheni a 17-year-old girl from Beit Shemesh together with a friend, planned to go up to the Har Habayis in Jerusalem. When they entered the Old City, arriving in the Jaffa Gate area, policemen became suspicious when they heard strange sounds and saw strange movements from the young woman's stomach area. 

During the search, it was found that what had been disguised to look like a pregnant belly, was actually a small goat, wrapped in material and hidden under her clothes.

It was believed that the two planned to bring the goat into the Temple Mount compound and slaughter it. They were arrested by the police and taken in for questioning on suspicion of behavior that could violate public order and abuse of an animal.


Ben Tayreh said...

Zet men the absurd extremes where the krumma hashkofos of Shlomo Goren groupies lead to. Feminist Pigul is a thing.

Dusiznies said...

Ben Taryeh
R' Shloma Goren z"l hut gehat mehr yirei shmayim in zein linka peah, vee deh chayois vus huben ehm gemach a sheigatz!

Warren Burstein said...

Ben Tayreh, why do you assume this was feminism? It could just as well be that the pair thought a fake pregnant woman would attract less attention than a man with a very large fake stomach.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that there are feminists involved in such craziness, women are catching up..... Did they check that she was a בת כהן מיוחסת

Anonymous said...

Wow! Why don't you take a step down from your high horse for two seconds and think about what you just said?! Virtually every talmid chacham of stature came out against SG and considered him irrelevant at best once he screwed up with his (in)famous "psak". Even if you want to be a bleeding heart liberal and "מה יפית'ניק" to try and excuse him somewhere deep inside your heart, I would tell you to hold your tongue and keep it to yourself. Once again your displaying how שנאת ע"ה לת"ח is totally מקלקלת את השורה by going off the handle with such a ridiculous comment.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, the pesach sheini is only brought when pesach rishon was brought b'tahara.

Anonymous said...

"Ben-Torah" here probably supports those that got arrested in be mikayeim a controversial inyan...
But mocks the ones that got arrested for being moser nefesh to do a Mitzvah min HATAYREH!?!?

Dusiznies said...

It's interesting that you are accusing me of:
"שנאת ע"ה לת"ח is totally מקלקלת את השורה by going off the handle with such a ridiculous comment."
When you are doing the same thing to a known huge Talmud Chachem Harav Goren!

The fact that many Gedoilim didn't go with his psak is totally irrelevant I can bring you hundreds of psaks from the Chazon Ish that no one holds from.

The Satmar Rebbe added a 4th category to יהרג ועל יעבור and I don't see you mocking him! The Satmar Rebbe said that there is no Mitzva of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael bizman hazeh directly in opposition of 99.9% of all poiskim including the Ramban and the Or Hachayim Hakodosh! The Satmar Rebbi paskened that Ivrit is a "tumedike language yet 99.9% of all shiurim given in serious Yeshivas are all in Ivrit. All Gedoiim speak Ivrit in their drashos!

Most of the poiskim that went berserk on Rav Goren's psak had not even read his psak and a huge many of them were known ama-ratzim! Yes, there were serious poiskim that opposed what? He was a huge Talmud Chacham and he never backed down.
I remember the big controversy between Rav Moshe Feinstein z"l and the Satmar Rebbe z"l on artificial insemination! Satmar Chassidim violently protested making Rav Moshe's life miserable. Satmar Rebbe said that Rav Moshe' psak would make all the children born "Mamzeirim" To Rav Moshe's credit he was not intimidated by the ama-ratzim and stuck to his psak and refused to back down! It's ironic that Satmar uses Rav Moshe's heter today for infertile couples. In fact the entire Bonei Olam organization is based on the psak of Rav Moshe z"l.
Thank G-d there are poiskim who don't get intimidated by the Chareidie mobs and their so-called "Gedoilim" and stick to their principles.

Anonymous said...

Harav Goren ztl was a great gaon and tzadik. You were fed lles and you all need to ask mecjhila

Ben Tayreh said...

DIN, you're being cute by shtelling tzu the Chazon Ish ztl - which you know darn well is nisht ken tzu shtell. Goren is far from a case of Ailu veAilu. Goren, for political gain, went against the normative position of poskim to be poretz geder in kedushas Am Yisroel with mamzerus

דובר שלום said...

What stupidity! Classic טענו בחיטין...והודו לזכר קדשו.

I am telling you that SG HIMSELF as a person was considered irrelevant (at best) after that story. Not just that people disregarded his psak. The fact that he may have been a talmid chacham before he was סרח only makes it worse. I agree that many amaratzim jumped on the bandwagon to condemn him after all talmidei chachamim did, but that doesn't change the story. My point is that just because you have this burning hatred for real ת"ח, that doesn't make SG a ירא שמים, and certainly not a bigger י"ש than those that spoke out against him. Nor were they "chayos".

BTW, I don't make it a habit of taking shots at others for no reason. However I highly recommend that you do your due diligence about the man before extolling his virtues. To quote a MO zionist scholar who studied SG (I don't want to say his name because he shared this with me in private correspondence), "if his level of learning was half as much as his level of גאוה, he was definitely a huge talmid chacham".

GR - Bnei Brak Ir Hakoidesh said...

I have to back DIN on this, though I disagree with him 99% of the time!
The Satmar Rebbe disparaged R' Moshe z"l on his psak back in the day with the claim that R' Moshe's psak will produce thousands of Mamzeirim?' Les man de'palig, that the Satmar Rebbe encouraged violence against Rav Moshe. R' Moshe stood firm! Rav Moshe was a complete yachid at the time, and not ONE poisek had the guts to stand up to the Satmar Rebbe, NOT ONE! They all joined in a joint Kol Korah against Rav Moishe.
My wife and I have a child thanks to that psak!
Harav Goren's psak did not deal with "thousands' it dealt with one individual specific case, most of the gedoilim that opposed him had not even read the psak and weren't privy to the details of the case, they got the information from the secular press, ironically, many were found to be out and out amai-ratzim! They disparaged an Adom Gadol, and even today they still think of his as a Sheigatz. This is nothing new in the Chareidie World (I am a Chareidie from Bnei-Brak) they disparaged Harav Kook z"l too!
Most of Erliche Yidden take all this Loshon hara against Rav Goren with a grain of salt, one just has to look at one of his Teshuvois to realize that those who opposed him don't hold a candle to him. The Gedoilim that disparaged him are עתיד דין וחשבון

Ben Tayreh said...

Too much conflating here. Yes, Rav Kook was a tzaddik even though our machaneh strongly disagrees with him because he really meant well but underestimated the poel yotzei of catering to the kofrei b'Ikkar. Goren on the other hand was smug, mitchila v'ad sof, including when his personal bodyguard savagely broke the leg of a Brisker bochur.

Anonymous said...

I never comment here but I must stand up for כבוד התורה as a Gaon Oilam like Harav Goren זצ"ל is being disparaged. The "controversial case we are discussing is the famous Sgt Major Hanoch Langer and his sister's case in 1972. It must be pointed out that the poisik hador of that generation Harav Eliyahu Henkin z"l supported Harav Goren in his psak, and so did Harav Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik.
Harav Goren wrote his first sefer a classic dealing with קרבנות which was published when he was only 17 years old, he was 17 when he received his Smicha. He served with distinction in three Israeli wars. His father-in-law was Rav Dovid Cohen, better known as the Nazir of Yerushlayim.
His other classic works were on the Rambam's Mishne Torah and his Sharei Teshuvah on Hilchas Niddah. He wrote a pirush on the Yerushalmi still used today.I can go on and on. To call him a "baal Gaaveh" is the ultimate chutpah from a smarkatch by a guy who uses the moniker "Ben Teyra" shows us how today's Torah World has sunk to the abyss. השם ירחם

Anonymous said...

Ben Tayre
"our machaneh" LOL.
Your "machaneh" were on the wrong side on every point in Jewish history from the State of Israel to the backing of the Sexual pervert Leifer and Walder even after his death. Your "machaneh" are a bunch of self-righteous arrogant peasants. Your "macheneh" refuses to serve while mooching off the Chilonie taxpayers. Your "macheneh" is bringing down the Jewish people faster than Hamas rocket.