Monday, May 27, 2024

Yisrael DUUUUUUUvid Weiss's Video That Israel Belongs to Hamas Goes Viral in the Antisemitic Social Media

 Notice: Every word spoken by this devil in Jewish garb is taken right out of the Vayoel Moshe, there is no daylight between their views! The vicious lie that Jews lived in peace with Arabs is so absurd and sick that one doesn't know where to start to refute this lie!

Arabs murdered Jews in pogroms back in the days of the Rambam, one can make a simple search on google and see how hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered by Arabs in similar ways as the October 7.pogrom in Arab countries. The father of Babi Sali was shot out of a cannon on a sunny Shabbos afternoon! 

To be sure there were times that Jews lived peacefully in Arab countries, but so did Jews in Germany in 1937! 


Anonymous said...

except that the Holy author of the Vatiel Moshe couldn't stand these low life neturei karta creeps. He threw them out of his kehilla.

Anonymous said...

Nothing this guy is saying is coming from The Vayoel Moshe. It was written in 1961 and does not say anything about the current conflict in Gaza or anywhere else in the occupied territories as they were not a part of Israel then. Most of what this guy wasn't common anti-Israel propaganda in 1961

The Vayoel Moshe does believe that the conflict with the Arabs could have been avoided had Israel not come into existence but does not take an actual position on the Israeli-Arab geopolitical conflict in the political context of siding with either side

Dusiznies said...

You are totally disingenuous when you say that it doesn't say that in the VaYoel Moshe. Of course, we are not stupid and know when his book was written, we are talking about the premise, and the Satmar Rebbe did write in 1961 that the Zionists in 1948n made a "land grab" and displaced the Arabs, an absolute distortion of the truth. And the book also includes that the Arabs lived in peace with the Arabs another fabricated fantasy.
Weiss always says that he isn't saying "what the Satmar Rebbe didn't say"
There is absolutely no difference in "shitah" between this menuval and Satmar! The only difference is tactics, that's about it!The Satmar Rebb actually wrote in the Al Hagilah that Israel should give up and live under the UN flag! We now see how bizarre and impractical that would be. The UN employees played an active part in the October 7 massacre.

OH! He didn't "take an actual position on the Israeli-Arab geopolitical conflict in the political context of siding with either side?" That is of course incorrect! If you are not on Israel's side you are on the Arab side, it's black and white there are no grey areas here! The rebbe unfortuanatly planted a "sinah" for Eretz Yisrael in his chassidim and even when they leave the community or go off the derech they cannot erase this hate from their souls! Read my post on Frieda Vizel where she writes that the Satmar Yeshivah taught her that the Zionists killed 6 million Jews.
Again your comment is being disingenuous!

Dr Phil ,Esquire, Petach Tikvah said...

when people say the "Vayoel Moshe" they refer to the Rebbe, and you know that very well, who are you kidding?
The Rebbe did say many times, and the recordings were transcribed in a book called שמעו דבר ה'
In it you read that the Israeli Government antagonized the Arabs
התגערות באומות! That is the code word for Land Grab, the Rebbe never mentioned the fact that Israel had no choice but to capture the Golan Heights as the Arabs would constantly launch rockets and enter Israeli space, remember Kiryat Shemona? The Rebbe in all his drashois in 1963 conveniently left out the fact that 1967 was a defensive war. He also never mentioned that Nassar closed the Straits of Tiran in May 1967 an act of war according to International law! The rebbe says that the war could have been avoided, but never explained how? When a country blockades a vital shipping route that is an act of war, and no sovereign country could and should tolerate that.
This Weiss was educated in the Satmar Institutions and ONLY parrots what he learned in Satmar. His children were also educated in Satmar, I believe one of them is actually Breslev.