Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Top New York Times "Ugly" reporter caught on hot mic urging reporters NOT to interview prominent Iranian dissident


A top "Ugly" New York Times reporter and Iranian-American journalist, who focuses on writing about Iran, was caught on a hot mic urging her colleagues not to interview the “crazy” Alinejad Masih, one of the most prominent Iranian dissidents.

As soon as she says it a fellow listener warns that her mic is hot.

It is said Iran has tried to assassinate Masih multiple times, if that gives you any idea of her importance.

Here’s the audio:

Farnaz Fassihi from the New York Times was overheard in a Clubhouse room instructing Leili “Make sure Emma doesn’t interview the crazy Masih @AlinejadMasih.”

This isn’t the first instance of her urging reporters & journalists to boycott Alinejad. It’s time for Fassihi to openly be addressed on her stance. Let’s call for transparency and accountability in journalism.

Erick Erickson underscores why this is so important:


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