Thursday, May 30, 2024

*Breaking: Pro-Hamas Mob Burns Israeli Embassy in Mexico City


The Mexican government’s disturbing embrace of the prejudiced international campaign to demonize Israel has now unleashed explosive real-world consequences on its own soil.

Disturbingly, a pro-Hamas mob setting fire to the Israeli embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday offered a grim glimpse into the destructive forces President López Obrador’s regime is willfully inflaming.

According to AFP, upwards of 200 anti-Israel protesters descended upon  the Israeli diplomatic compound in Mexico’s capital. Masked assailants hurled rocks and other sharp object in an attempt to breach the security perimeter around the embassy as fires raged in the background. Unverified reports indicated multiple casualties amid the lawless mayhem as protesters defiantly waved Palestinian flags.

On Tuesday, Mexico made the reprehensible decision to intervene in the International Court of Justice case accusing Israel of ‘genocide.’

Mexico has shamelessly signaled its intent to leverage its position as a party to the Genocide Convention not to uphold its spirit of preventing future atrocities, but rather to legislate an extremist reinterpretation of the treaty that would render virtually any attempt by Israel to combat Hamas terror as a criminal act of ethnic cleansing against civilians.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

What did we do to upset Mexico? Great, another travel location off the list.
Who cares? If I want, I'm sure there's a good Mexican restaurant in Tel Aviv somewhere if I need the experience.