Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bobov Has 50 Confirmed Cases of Corona.... Over 100 Cases in BP

More than 100 people in Boro Park and Williamsburg have tested positive for COVID-19.
Asisa urgent care clinics, which began testing just days ago at two Boro Park locations and one in Williamsburg, told Hamodia Tuesday that it has over a hundred positive tests across the three locations.
The clinics administered over 500 tests. Some results are still pending.
Asisa only tested patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or those in proximity to someone who has tested positive.
There have been 50 confirmed cases in the Bobov community.
The new virus has hit other communities as well.
In a voicenote that went around social media Tuesday morning warning of the virus’s dangers, Chasky Rosenberg, a Bobover askan who is also a paramedic, said that in Crown Heights alone, there are 10 coronavirus patients on respirators. Rosenberg urged that people over 60 years old – who are most at risk from the disease – completely isolate themselves.
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