Thursday, March 26, 2020

Two Ganim in Bet Shemesh Fined 5,000 Shekel For Defying Health Department Regs

Murderers!!!! Rodfim!!! 
"How Dare You?"

The cops found a gan with over 30 children in one and in a another over 12 kids over 11 ....
this makes this over 42 possible carriers to this deadly virus ...

These are frum people???? 
I'm talking about the parents as well....

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1 comment:

Nisht pushet said...

This law in different jurisdictions for ganim is not exactly equally applied.

NY-NJ allowed ganim. Then a couple of days ago they changed their minds to only allow for essential workers including supermarket clerks.

Some other US jurisdictions only allow for kids of first responders.

What is the public going to do if EMTs & ER doctors have to stay home because they have no child care?

There is really no perfect solution to this.

One US State Gov. even pointed out today that kids staying with their own parents & for sure with their grandparents is also creating huge risk from a public health perspective. But what can we do? Throw toddlers into isolation cells?