Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Finally: Police Arrest Organizer Of Illegal Mass Wedding In Beit Shemesh

What Chutzpah????
Is this Rebbe taking responsibility if people die?

Police arrested four people Tuesday night after they participated in a Chareidi wedding in the city of Beit Shemesh where at least 150 people were present in violation of Health Ministry guidelines limiting the number of people at gatherings to 10 and closing event halls and restaurants.

According to a report on Kikar Hashabat, the four were the father of the groom, an American citizen, who arrived in Israel from the United States and was supposed to have been in quarantine; the father of the bride; the caterer; and a resident of Jerusalem who reportedly organized the wedding. The father of the groom was later released and will be questioned by police after completing his mandatory 14-day quarantine. The father of the bride was also released.
A police spokesman said that the detainees had “violated a public health injunction and thus endangered the public,” and called on the public to “keep to the specific guidelines and orders of the Health Ministry to help contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.”
Apparently two weddings took place illegally on Tuesday night, one of which was for the grandson of a Chasidic Rebbe and the other for the son of a prominent donor from Williamsburg. Police arrested the person responsible for organizing the second wedding. The tweets here belong to two Chareidi Israeli journalists, Yair Sharki and Eli Shlezinger. Sharki wrote regarding the first wedding that “this is not just negligence or ignorance but willful trampling and flaunting of all the precautionary measures. The first to be hit will be the celebrators and their families and then the rest of us.”
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פרסמנו הערב במהדורה תיעוד מאירוע שמתרחש עכשיו בבית שמש: חתונה של משפחות אדמו״רים בהשתתפות כמאתיים בני אדם.
עם כל המאמץ לא להכליל זאת כבר לא רשלנות או חוסר מודעות נקודתיים אלא זלזול ורמיסה של אמצעי הזהירות. הראשונים להיפגע חלילה יהיו החוגגים עצמם ומשפחותיהם, ובהמשך כולנו.
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