Saturday, March 21, 2020

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi's FAKE CURE TO Cornovirus is Dangerous

Don’t believe these fake coronavirus stories on Rabbi Mizrachi's Podcast or the ones on social media

Rabbi Mizrachi's "cure" is a bubbie maaseh ... and  this bogus cure on the 1.38 mark on the video ...can actually kill you .... if you have symptoms ... call the Hotline !

His fake cure of blasting hot air from a blow dryer into your sinuses and holding a cold water spray was invented by a random guy on Facebook and has proven to be nothing but a fantasy ....

This is the same Mizrachi that said that modern women that were marching to their deaths in the Nazi concentration camps "posed nude to their captors knowing full well that they were going to their deaths"
This guy is a lunatic!

That miracle coronavirus cure your rabbi posted to Facebook should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Fake news about COVID-19, bogus remedies and conspiracy theories were spreading rapidly on social media this week, infecting the internet with a dangerous strain of disinformation.
In one popular, but wholly false warning, a message circulated group chats and social media feeds claiming President Trump could invoke the Stafford Act and utilize martial law to enforce a mandatory two-week quarantine. The claim is often attributed to a friend or relative who “works for the government.”
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The National Security Council debunked the rumors on Twitter Thursday: “As we saw over the weekend, disinfo is being spread online about a supposed national lockdown and grounding flights. Be skeptical of rumors. Make sure you’re getting info from legitimate sources,” the council wrote.
In other news to lose, claims that blasting hot air from a blow dryer into your sinuses, eating bananas filled with vitamin B-6, and gargling with warm water mixed with salt or vinegar kill the coronavirus infiltrated the Internet.
One widely circulated fake message said, “Corona virus [sic] before it reaches the lungs it remains in the throat for four days and at this time the person begins to cough and have throat pains. If he drinks water a lot and gargling with warm water & salt or vinegar eliminates the virus. Spread this information because you can save someone with this information.”
Doctors say the coronavirus can be detected in the throat for at least a week, but there’s no effective gargling remedy.
Another wildly inaccurate theory claimed people testing vaccines in Washington were paid actors being injected with saline. It was obvious, the bogus posting claimed, because the needles used in videos of the “actors” being injected weren’t typically used for vaccines.
In reality, testing began Monday on screened volunteers selected by Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle.

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Anonymous said...

While this is a bogus cure, an early warning sign of COVID-19 is a sudden loss of taste and/or smell. Do an internet search and you will find several articles.