Thursday, March 19, 2020

Attorney Lawrence Garbuz First Recorded Corona Victim in New York On the Road to "Full Recovery"

The New York lawyer who is patient zero in the New Rochelle coronavirus outbreak which led the state to set up a one-mile containment zone in the area is 'awake and on the road to full recovery', according to his wife. 
Adina Lewis Garbuz said her husband Lawrence Garbuz, 50, is 'awake and alert and seems to be on the road to full recovery,' in a Facebook post Wednesday.
Concerns had been mounting for his welfare when his condition deteriorated and he was placed into a medically-induced coma last week. 
The Manhattan attorney was among the first to be diagnosed with coronavirus in New York and passed it on to dozens, after he commuted between the city and his home in Westchester County. 
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The outbreak prompted New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo to set up a one-mile containment zone in the community where he lived. 
Garbuz's wife Adina confirmed that his condition has improved and though he 'still has healing to do... [he] is on a very good trajectory.'
She went on to say that the lawyer had 'no idea what was wrong with him' and that his first thought was concern that he might have spread the virus onto other people.  
'Now aware of his diagnosis, he first worries about spreading the virus to others. His second worry is about when he will get to see his family. He wants me to make sure to make others aware so they don’t get it,' Adina wrote. 
Garbuz is also 'trying to comprehend a world where no one goes out, no social gatherings, no religious services, no Purim!!' she added.  
News of his recovery comes as the Westchester County community where he lives remains in lockdown for at least another week.
Schools, houses of worship and large gathering places in the suburb were closed for 14 days last Thursday in desperate efforts to stop the spread of the disease in the area. 
Cuomo made the shock move to set up the one-mile containment area after the community became the epicenter of the state's outbreak.
The zone centers around the Temple Young Israel of New Rochelle synagogue attended by Garbuz and his family. 

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