Friday, March 20, 2020

Rabbi Yosef (Yossel) Burstein ....RY of Lakewood Mesivta Doesn't Care How Many People DIe from the Vius!

What's a Rosh Yeshiva without talmidim?...
Some of them think that they are nothing... and so they don't care how many people would contract and die from this virus ... as long as they can still be called "Rosh Yeshiva"

Not all Yeshivos have followed the mandatory guidelines to close their Yeshivos. 

At least one Yeshiva in Lakewood has 150 students sitting and learning, defying all instructions from doctors and local, state, and federal officials.

The students of Mesivta of Lakewood, under direct guidance of their Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yosef (Yossel) Burstein, are learning and sleeping in the building, in complete disregard of the ongoing global health crisis.
As the Coronavirus continues to spread around Lakewood, this poses a grave danger to the students, their families and all who come in contact with them.
 There are also suspected cases in the Yeshiva itself.
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Filthydelphia said...

Did you see the Agudah / Torah Umesorah press releases pathetically covering up for the Wizard of WIZO who wears many Hamburgs as the Maestro of Mamzerus and the Vakkser of anti-Vaxx?

After Samuel Kaminetzky fought hard to make sure mosdos stay open as infection breeding grounds, he had his feeselach stuck in his mouth when authorities forced closure for pikuach nefesh. So the weirdly worded press releases were an attempt to extricate zein fesselach in the hope that the oylam was too clueless to realize what actually happened.

moshiachnow said...

If they don't have contact with the outside world, even staff, including teachers, cleaning help and cooks, can they stay on Torah Island?