Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Pope Francis Calls on Goyim to Keep Sabbath

Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Rome, and leader of the worldwide Catholic Church His Holiness Pope Francis has called on believers to keep the Sabbath as "the Jews followed and still observe."

"We live with the accelerator down from morning to night," Francis said in an interview which as been circulating the web during the past few days. 
"This ruins mental health, spiritual health, and physical health.
 More so:
 it affects and destroys the family, and therefore society. 'On the seventh day, He rested.' What the Jews followed and still observe, was to consider the Sabbath as holy. On Saturday you rest. One day of the week, that's the least! Out of gratitude, to worship God, to spend time with the family, to play, to do all these things. We are not machines!"

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Anonymous said...

Nochrim are not allowed to keep Shabbos, not on the seventh day and not on any day. And please remove this representative of avodah zoro from your blog.


Anonymous said...

FYI - This was from a year ago.