Saturday, March 28, 2020

List of Boro Park Shuls Still Open as of Friday Afternnoon

List of shuls in Boro Park Still Open 
These are the Rodfim ... and Rozchim of Our Brothers & Sisters 
Satmar 52 - 1364 52nd St 

Skver - 4716 17th Ave

 Satmar 49 - 1352 49th St. 

Spinka - 5111 18th Ave 

Bistritz 5202 12th Ave 

Beis Chaim Shia - 4911 17th Ave 

Burshteen 5610 12th Ave 

Rubeditch 1535 49th St.

Skver 12 - 5323 12th Ave

 Vien - 972 45th St. 

Tarnipal - 163 Parkville Ave 

Koson 906 50th St.

 Sadovna - 1424 51st St.

 Ungvar - 5306-12 16th Ave

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Thanks so much, it means a lot especially in these difficult times!


Anonymous said...

why aren't these murderers and ignorant savages being reported to the police and closed down

Anonymous said...

how do you know this?

Dusiznies said...

Ruach Ha'Koidesh

chusid101 said...

Calm down jerk. No one is forcing anyone to go tho shul. You go at your own risk.

Dusiznies said...

Chusid 101
This is not about "going to shul'

This is about the "Jerks" that do go to shul and are spreading death!

??? said...

How dare you write against Ungvar?

It is the congregation of the Meshaneh Haluches, R. Menashe Hakuten, now led by his son.

Aneinu said...

I’d add it’s also about the Rebbes of the shuls who allow their shuls to be open, because shuls that are open are just waiting for imbeciles to gather. By closing shuls it lessens the chances of these ignorant senseless folk who “need” to make minyanim.

Kudos to you for actually publishing the names and addresses - now they will be reported. I’ve seen others only talk hot air and warning that they’ll publish names if they don’t close... never happened.

If only you can come full circle and continue doing good by publishing names of stores who violate price gouging. Like the shuls, other bloggers continuously only threat but never follow through - that’s why stores are still doing it. An absolute disgrace, never mind the legal and moral violations.