Monday, February 2, 2015

Chareidim block Traffic around Country, don't allow Working People to go to work!

Chareidim by in  large don't work in Israel, since the Roshei Yeshivas prohibit them from getting their hands dirty. 

Even those that do work, have to quit, if they want to marry off their daughters. According to last week's Hebrew edition of Mishpacha, a electrical engineer had to come to the US to collect for his daughter's wedding. 
When asked why he doesn't work, he said that no Yeshiva guy would marry her if he works....

But I'll bet he would be able to marry his daughter off if he blocked traffic so the other Zhlubs could go to work.

Hundreds of Chareidi youths took to major roads and intersections Monday morning to protest the arrest of four yeshiva students who have been arrested for failing to report to IDF recruitment offices for preliminary enlistment processing. 

Protests were staged in or close to Jerusalem, Ashdod, the Bar Ilan interchange and other locations in which the protestors tried to block traffic arteries, and routes 443 and 444 are both experiencing heavy traffic as a result. 

The police have advised commuters to find alternative routes to work. 

In Ashdod, some 40 protestors have been arrested so far with serious traffic delays resultant from the demonstration. Another four protestors were arrested close to the Bar Ilan interchange, and at least one protestor was arrested in Jerusalem. 

The protestors belong to a radical faction of the non-Hassidic haredi community and reject the mainstream leadership headed by Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman and follows the instructions of Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach instead. 

Unlike Shteinman, Auerbach has instructed yeshiva students to not present themselves for preliminary processing for IDF enlistment. 

Most yeshiva students belonging to the mainstream haredi community are able to do the preliminary processing and for the moment gain military service exemptions. 

Government legislation passed last year is designed to gradually increase haredi enlistment and decrease the number of exemptions and for this reason Auerbach has instructed yeshiva students loyal to his faction not to cooperate at all with the IDF, not even to report for preliminary processing. 

Eight people were arrested so far in in similar protests in El'ad and near Hadera.

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