Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ami's Frankfurter interviews Moshe Arnes and asks him "silly questions"

Yitzchok Frankfurter, The Purim Clown

Yitzchok Frankfurter, the Purim Clown, publisher and editor of Ami Magazine,  interviewed the Former Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Moshe Arens, and the interview is  featured in this week's edition of the Anti-Israel Ami Magazine.

Reading the questions, will make you want to puke, because of the clown's immature questions and blatant anti-Israel slant, .... so have a brown bag nearby!

I will start with one of the clown's last questions, just so you get the gist of his insane questions.

Notice Aren's great responses.

The Purim Clown Frank:
"You're practically one of the founding fathers of Israel. From a personal perspective, what is it like to watch your country still under the same threat today as when it was established?"

Moshe Arens:
" May I permit myself to say "our" country?"

Do you believe the question?  "your" country?.....
This is the "country" that the RBSH"O gifted to the Jewish people forever and forever, as Rashi points out in the very first pasuk in Bereishes..... but according to the Purim Clown, Eretz Yisroel is not "his" but "yours" ... reminds me of the Rasha's question in the Pesach Haggadah!
Somebody should be "boidek" this guy,..... I'll bet he is not from "zera Yisroel"

I have the following question to The Frank:
"From a personal perspective, what is it like to watch the Jewish People being under the same threat today as when we had the first war with Amaleik?

The Purim Clown Frank:
Israel's problem today is more diplomatic than military. Would you agree with that?

What is wrong with this imbecile? 
Only a guy living in Boro Park in those fancy "match-boxes" would ask if "Israel's problem is more diplomatic than military" ..
Only a guy who didn't experience grabbing his toddlers and running to the nearest shelter as Hamas rains down thousands of missiles, would ask such a stupid idiotic question!
He must be hanging out too much in the mikvah! 

See how Arens  responds!

Moshe Arens:
NO! The primary problem for Israel is military in nature. First and foremost, a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranians, who make no bones about their intention to wipe Israel off the map. 
Nothing will take a backseat to that.

The Purim Clown Frank:
Do you think there's anything to the accusation that it's inappropriate to address Congress two weeks before the Israelis go to the polls? Some people are up in arms about that?

The only people that feel that it's "inappropriate" and are "up in arms" against Netanyahu  addressing Congress "two weeks before the Israelis go the the polls" ..... are Satmar, Leftist self-hating Jews, Anti-Semites, Tzippy Livni, Herzog and the  Iranians...

Moshe Arens:
What would you say if Netanyahu, knowing that an agreement was taking shape that posed a great danger to Israel, was given an opportunity to address Congress on this important subject and told the Speaker of the House, "I'm sorry, I'm busy with elections now. This is more important than the danger of a nuclear Iran." What would you say to that? What would Herzog and Livni say about it?

Since the Clown is an anti-Israel Satmarer he is against Netanyahu addressing Congress because this will antagonize Hussein Obama, who together with Satmar hate Netanyahu, so like all the rest of the  anti-Semites, he keeps badgering Arens on this topic.................

The Purim Clown Frank:
Would you care to comment on the way the invitation was handled?
Do you think it was dealt with properly from a diplomatic perspective?

Moshe Arens:
As far as I know it would be almost disrespectful to the Speaker of the House, the number three person in the American political hierarchy, to refuse to accept his invitation or to start to interrogate him as to whether it was coordinated with everybody. An invitation was issued to the prime minister, and I think it would have been wrong on his part to refuse it. It would have also been wrong if instead of answering yes, he said he'd like to know a little more about it.

Gut Ge'zugt..... but the clown doesn't give up and keeps pestering him like an annoying  mosquito.

The Purim Clown Frank:
People know exactly where Netanyahu stands on this issue. He's even made his opinion known in the UN. What will he accomplish by restating it?

And why does Satmar keep "restating" their anti-Jewish stance every single week in Der Yid, Dee Zeitung, and Der Blatt and in AMI?
How about the two Satmar rabbi gangsters, don't they bash Israel every single Shabbos in the Shaolosh Seudois "Toirelech?"

 "People" actually don't know "exactly where Netanyahu stands on the issue" but they'll know now, when the entire world will hear his message to Congress!

By the way, is the Clown referring to the same UN that the Late Mayor of New York Ed Koch said, should be converted into a parking lot?
 Is that the UN .... that R' Shlomo Halberstam z"l the Bobover Rebbe, said looks like a Matzivah, because the truth is buried there?

Moshe Arens:
Things are not clear-cut at all. You might remember the sanctions that were imposed on Iran by the UN Security Council, which were then followed by the US Congress. I don't think I'm overstating it, but that was a direct result of Netanyahu's efforts to call world attention to the danger of a nuclear Iran. So he definitely has achievements to his credit. I'm sure you're also aware that there are differences of opinion on this agreement within the US. A very formidable group is coming forth and saying that is not a good agreement for America. [Public opinion] is now in the stages of being crystallized. Just imagine if Netanyahu had replied to the invitation by saying, "Everybody already knows my opinion. There's no point in my coming." I think that would be silly.

DIN: "Silly" and Stupid!


Anonymous said...

I don't get your point.

That's what all journalists do: ask provocative questions.

Are you obsessed with Ami?

Dusiznies said...

Are you insane? "Provocative questions?"
A frum Jew asking another Jew a question and refers to Eretz Yisroel as "your" country? That's being "provocative?"
I'm not "obsessed with Ami" I'm obsessed with exposing phony "Jews" like Frankfurter, it just so happens that he has a forum...and people reading that filthy rag should be aware that the publisher hates other Jews!

Anonymous said...

DIN get a life. AMI is the best publication out there. You know it, everyone knows it. I'm not sure what problem you have with the editor, but Frankfurter's probably the most challenging and insightful interviewer. Anyway, DIN I think you'd do yourself a favor and tone down. You're way toooo shrill.

Anonymous said...

shrill? din sounds like a loose cannon going oink!!!!! oink!!!!

who is this idiot anyway? i was told he lives in williamsburg and dropped out of kindergarten.

Dusiznies said...

You liar ... I never dropped out of kindergarten......
I never went to kindergarten....