Friday, February 13, 2015

Chareidi parties will do anything for money even join the leftist Lapid!

The Chareidi whores will sell the entire Israel to the Arabs if they could only get some money for the Kollilim! 


No morals, No nothing!

Yishai, the leader of the newly formed Yachad Party, has agreed to sit with Lapid the leader of the leftist Yesh Atid party, the party that  would give Yerushalyim back to the arabs... if only Lapid agreed to lift the criminal sanctions component of the chareidi draft law....
Yishai has agreed to  enter with them in a coalition!
This is the same Lapid that the Litvishe Gedoilim called "Yemach Shemo" 

Deri, the other "Chochum from the Ma Nistana" had already  met with Lapid many times previously, though he denies it....


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Anonymous said...

Good morning DIN you just woke up? you just found out that these so called religious parties are nothing but extortionist gangsters.
these evil gangsters would not only sell Eretz yisroel to our enemies for a few stinkin shekalim,but would sell their own grandmother for a few bucks.
All the billions they have extorted from the Medinah,has nothing to do with TORAH,AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH LINING THEIR OWN POCKETS,have we forgotten that out of the 12 Shas Knesset members six of them including their top gangster Deri sat in jail for theft and corruption.
these bastard are solely resposible for the hatred the chilonim feel towards the chareidim .
let's hope and pray that eventually these low lives will be wiped off the political map