Sunday, February 22, 2015

Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Yoel, Supports Tzippy Livini & the Iranians! Slams PM Netanyahu In Speech, Video

DIN Comments in RED

The Satmar Rebbe, (the one trying to kill his brother in Williamsburg,) has come out in a harsh message against the “Head of the Zionist Klipa (קליפה)”.
“How does he have the insolence and chutzpah to tell European Jews to make aliyah to Israel?”

Hey Rebbe .... why don't you ask that question to Moshe Rabbeinu? Ask how Moshe Rabbeinu had the "Insolence and Chutzpa" to ask Jews in the Midbar to make Aliyah?
Why don't you ask Ezrah Hasofer and Nechemyeh how they had the "Insolence and Chutzpa" to ask the Babylonian Jews to Make Aliyah?

The rebbe also attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address before the US Congress in March 2015. He condemns Mr. Netanyahu for getting in the White House’s face. “This is chutzpah. He is not a mentsch. He is lowly”.

This fanatic who hates his own brother, condemns the Prime Minister of a State that is in danger of being annihilated and  who wants to inform the world of the danger (Iran) facing it's citizens,  and who was invited by the 3rd most powerful man in the United States to address Congress. 
The Iranian Ayetolla YM"SH promises to wipe the State of Israel off the Map Chas V'sholom, and the leader of Israel wants to come and present his case, and this lunatic says that he has "Chutzpa" to address Congress?
Is this who this little Romanian twerp from Orange County  is calling "lowly?" 

The rebbe made his comments during a motzei Shabbos Parshas Terumah seudas mitzvah in Antwerp, speaking in the New Satmar Beis Medrash. The rebbe reminded his audience how murderous Muslims around the world, particularly in Europe, have been killing Jews in cruel attacks and that we must daven that the “Shomer Yisrael” will continue to protect the “Sheiris Yisrael”.

The rebbe continued, addressing Israel’s call to European Jewry to come to Israel. He questioned after the murder of three talmidei yeshiva near Chevron if the “head of the Zionist klipos” called on all settlers to move from those areas?

Why didn't the "Klipos" Rebbe ask Williamsburg Jews to move when Stark was murdered?
How about when the Jews were murdered in the Twin Towers? Why didn't you call for Jews to move?

He added if when he decided to go to war this past summer and 70 soldiers and Jews were killed if he then called for Jews from run away from Israel? “From where does he have the brazenness and chutzpah to tell Jews in Europe to come to Israel? Does he have the ability to protect them” the rebbe added

But your uncle Reb Yoilish z"l did have the opportunity to protect Hungarian Jews from the murderous Nazis and he refused, saying that the Nazis were never going to go to Hungary, and then he  and his family fled to Switzerland on the Zionist Kastner train. Jews held Visas to Palestine, but your Uncle told them to stay put in Europe only to have them all perish in the flames of Auschwitz,

The rebbe then turned to the prime minister’s planned address before the Senate and Congress in the US. “His actions defy the rules of accepted diplomatic rules of play. All previous Zionist prime ministers adhered to these rules. The State of Israel receives more than any other nation from the United States and what chutzpah he has to now defy the president of the United States. He is not a mentsch and he is not a diplomat. He is a lowly person”.
The rebbe added “Even among the Zionists they maintain he should not go and give the address. 

The Romanian Satmar leader, the Reform movement, Tzippy Livni, the leftist self hating Jews and the Iranians are now on the same page!

How does he dare place the millions of Jews living in the United States under threat of renewed anti-Semitic attack which may result from his actions? Can he also protect all the Jews of the United States?”
“The main busha is that the chareidim support him and give full backing to his actions” the rebbe ended.

This man has no confidence in the RBSH"O that gave us this land...he has confidence in Obama? How is this guy still backed by thousands?

First see the lunitic rant and then see the answer to his dumb speech!


Anonymous said...

DIN,why are you wasting your time with this criminally insane ignorant savage Romanian gypsy? does anyone in his right mind take seriously anymore what these Satmar Jew hating pieces of human garbage have to say?,these gangsters have become the laughing stock of the jewish world,belive me a drunken bum passed out on the gutters of NYC is taken more seriously than these two gangster brothers,Aron and Zalmen yemach shemom

Anonymous said...

Because DIN too is a criminally insane ignorant savage Romanian gypsy. Otherwise he wouldn't have a blog that's an embarrassment to the intelligence of every sane person. Every time he opens his mouth he sounds more ill than the guy he is criticizing. I was actually told he's a Satmar guy in disguise.

Dusiznies said...

You got that one right!
ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

so he is just like his great uncle yoilish. Yoilish told everyone to stay in europe and get slaughtered while he hightailed it out with the zionists. Now this clown is once again telling the jews to stay in europe. Guess the dna is the same, shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39- No, he grew up Satmar, no longer Satmar.

Anon 10:55- "Guess the dna is the same, shit for brain" you must be talking about your familial DNA here. For the nth time you historical revision of how Rav Yoiel Zatzal left Europe is disgusting. No, the satmar version is 100% emes either but yours it much further from the truth.

Dusiznies said...

Satmar version is, he took a train, not knowing who was on it or where it was going...
When he found out it was a Zionist train, he told the conductor of the train to drop him and his entire family off in Buchenwald, he remained there for a couple of weeks, while on the other side of the fence, Jews were being murdered, then he saw another train heading for Switzerland , so he managed to grab his family again and boarded the train and lo and behold he was in Switzerland. Then he headed to Palestine, when relatives of the people that he advised to stay in Europe wanted to kill him, he escaped to the US and came up with a cockamamie story that it was all the Zionists fault that every body got killed in Europe... but he only came up with this story when he was safe and sound on Bedford Avenue....then he decided to torment his nephew the Kloizenberger. After he got that out of the way, he started up with the Chabadnikers...
but all along he blamed everything on the Zionists, who were building a beautiful country L'sheim Ul'tiferes without his help!
But he 'loved" every Jew!

Anonymous said...

'....the satmar version is 100% emes...."

Just know, that outside of Sakmar and their swooning lackies,
EVERYBODY knows what the real truth. There are EYEWITNESSES to the events recorded in books and memoirs.... The Sakmar version is an ugly, disgusting , shameless piece of dried BS on Lee Ave....
Nobody, but NOBODY believes the Sakmarian version.... This guy Moses Shonfeld, the Sakmar mouthpiece probably at the behest of the head honcho, authored a piece of stinking fiction to cover up the truth... But the older Sakmarians who may still be alive, know the damned truth , but they're either dead or are afraid to speak....

Now let's all make a big 'pruh-test" against the 2 biggest revisionists ( read: LIARS) in modern Jewish history ... Artscroll & Satmar...


Anonymous said...

Additionally.... Not to give away my age, but EVERYBODY who was a Hungarian Holocaust survivor , but I mean EVERYBODY , have years ago,... told the real and truthful story of what happened on that train ... There was NOBODY who knew anything about that event, who plappelled the revisionist fairy tale pushed by the inner echelon of Sakmar .... It's gutter garbage, but you can't lie to people my age... Take your dung to the Williamsburg Bridge, pal...

And to you Sherman from Artscroll... I heard you on a tape about Israel and the Holocaust which my son lent me one day ... You say "... It's not true that rabbis refused to allow people to leave Europe and emigrate... Which Rav ever said such a thing..? I'm quoting you almost verbatim, Sherman....

Well, I thought maybe you're naïve, and let it go at that... But now that you're censoring Rashbams, phony-ing up bios of ravs and rebbes, and being selective on many of your perushim... Now ,I don't believe anything you babble... Go sit with the lying Sakmarians and chapp each other's phony , parve ptcha...


Anonymous said...

** BTW I meant "No, the satmar version is NOT 100% emes either but yours it much further from the truth"

Anonymous said...

"...but yours it much further from the truth"...

OK.... tell me which part.....