Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mayor of Satmar Monroe Calls On Congressman NOT To Attend Netanyahu Speech

 Mayor Abraham Wieder, the Romanian gangster, from Kiryas Yoel calls upon Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney to boycott Netanyahu’s speech.

He is asking a Goy, to boycott a Jew!
What Chutzpah?

And why isn't Satmar upset that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, chas v'sholom? 
Is it because they don't give a damn about 6 million Jews living in Israel? Is it all about section8 and programs?

Interestingly, Wieder, the Satmar savage, advises Rep. Maloney to see a radical Neturei Karta-affiliated website for information about what Torah ideals are. 

This website is affiliated with the same people who attended the Holocaust denial conference in Iran. [SEE NOTE BELOW]

The following is the letter written by Mayor Wieder to Rep. Maloney:
Dear Rep. Maloney:
The core theme in Judaism is strict adherence to true Torah ideals and Jewish people, the world over and through the ages have identified and continue to identify with this philosophy. and your constituents in the village of Kiryas Joel, home to almost 25,000 orthodox Jews, all the more so.
Torah ideals guide us to be loyal citizens in our country of residence, to respect our elected leaders and to pray for their well being and prosperity ( for further insight visit We were therefore utterly dismayed by Israeli PM Netanyahu’s agreeing to address a joint session of congress without first obtaining the presidents consent and without even the courtesy of consulting the White House.
Netanyahu’s acceptance signaled his intent to challenge the presidents foreign policy on american soil. His unprecedented actions are direct insult to the office of the president.
The intent of this letter is three fold; first to defend the honor and prestige of the office of the the president; second to decry Netanyahu’s breach of diplomatic prototypical and last but not least to repudiate his claim to be the spokesman of the Jewish people. Neither he nor his state represent world Jewry.
Therefore, on behalf of our joint constituents, I respectfully request that you not attend Netanyahu’s address. Your absence would send a clear message that your constituents’ want no part of Netanyahu’s callousness towards the office of the president.
Abraham Wieder

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