Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Obama soft on ISIS because he is "Muslim Himself" says popular Radio Host

Islamic State terrorists — who burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage and filmed the atrocity — are "Nazis on steroids" out to rape murder and bury people alive until they conquer the world, radio talk-show legend Michael Savage tells Newsmax TV.

"These are Nazis on steroids and for (President) Obama to say they are not Islamic is ludicrous because, excuse me, the acronym of their invented nation is ISIS; the first letters standing for Islamic State," Savage said Tuesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show.

"It doesn't say Buddhist state, Jewish state or Christian state, it's not 'BISIS' nor 'JSIS', it's ISIS for a reason. 

They are interpreting their religion from the strict teachings of Muhammad," said Savage, author of the new book, "Stop the Coming War: The Savage Truth," published by Center Street.

Savage said ISIS members are attempting to take over the Middle East the way their ancestors conquered in the sixth century.

"By burning, killing, raping, murdering and burying people alive — in other words, through terror. 

This is nothing new. It's what's been done from the beginning of this religion," he said.

"This is how they masterminded to takeover so much of the world, not through the love of Christianity, not love thy neighbor as thy self, but kill thy neighbor.

As to why Obama will not identify them as Muslim extremists, Savage said it's all in the president's name: 
Barack Hussein Obama. 
"The answer is in his name. I'm sorry. His father was Muslim. His adoptive father was Muslim and by patrilineal descent, which is the Muslim belief, he is Muslim by definition," Savage said.
"He's not a terrorist sympathizer, but he's soft on Islam in general. He's afraid of saying what's obvious to the whole world. This is the problem. If you can't define your enemy, how can you defeat your enemy?"

Obama's "liberal fears" also prevent him from speaking the truth, according to Savage.

"This is the university mentality, which is, don't call Germans Nazis during the 1930s because you're liable to get Germans mad," he said.

"Of course, not all Germans were Nazis, but they took over Germany and it was essentially a Nazi state. Wasn't it?"

In his new book, Savage said he discusses Obama's ideology.

"He treats our enemies as friends and our friends as enemies, but let's stick to the big lie coming out of Obama's mouth … 

I believe one day, if this country should survive this monster, there will be a psychological analysis of this president who was a pathological liar," he said.

"The man cannot tell the truth. He doesn't know what the truth is or he knows what the truth is, but can lie about it sufficiently that he actually believes his own lie while he's saying it."

He pointed to Obama's decision not to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is visiting the U.S. next month at the invitation of Congress.

"Let's go back to why he wouldn't meet with Netanyahu. 

In his lie, he says because our general policy is we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election. Really? Because it's inappropriate, Mr. Obama?" Savage said.

He charged that Obama has sent his campaign wizard Jeremy Bird and 173 other activists to Israel in an attempt to manipulate the upcoming elections and oust Netanyahu.

"Who sent them there? 

Obama did," Savage said.

Savage, host of the syndicated radio talk show "The Savage Nation," renewed his contract with Cumulus Media’s syndicator Westwood One last month and announced a new format he calls "Unprotected Talk."

He also announced a $100,000 scholarship fund for conservative college students, which will award two-year scholarships to five recipients based on an essay contest.

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