Friday, February 27, 2015

Rav Chaim Kanievski Paskens that one can go direct to Authorities to report a pedophile

Will translate the video Motzei shabbos, but R' Chaim tells him to report the pedophile to authorites.... no bais din.... no nothing... only police!


Anonymous said...

hey DIN

Happy purim you krazy sakmar skrewblall.

May you and your friends in Wilimasburg learn how to speak English and be menshen.


Anonymous said...

why would you even have to ask a shailah,
if a frum jew would burglarize your home or commit armed robbery,would you also run to beis din and ask a shailah or would you just dial 911 and have the bum arrested,having a child sexually abused isn't that 1000 more of a crime than burglary or robbery?.
what has happened to chareidi judaism? have we lost our collective minds.

Anonymous said...

Translation from Daas Torah:
I have 'nebech' a cousin
In America upon whom someone 'fiddled' with - a scenario of sexual abuse.
What should one do to him?
He wants me to check out the matter. He wants to go to the police

Reb Chaim: "what is the question?"

A child, a child of 11 years old. A disgusting person sexually abused him. The person wants to know if he can go to the police or not?

Reb Chaim: "presumably yes - he will be saving others! - saving others, yes!"

The question is does he need to get permission from a jewish court or anything?

Reb Chaim: "it's logical"

It's logical that one doesn't ask first?
Can one act like this?

Reb Chaim "it's logical because one is saving others"

Anonymous said...

There is no shailah!!! DIN is trying to find a cause. He's a psycho with a Satmar level English education. But he's too old to change.

Anonymous said...

DIN is obsessed with Ami. Obviously he can read English. :)