Monday, February 16, 2015

Bochrim block traffic to celebrate release of Draft Dodgers, VIDEO

3 of the released draft dodgers

Watch the "brimmed up hatters" and "fancy glasses" dance in the streets blocking traffic .... frustrating those running to  "Chap the Daf," or grab a bite, running to get a glimpse of their children before they go to bed!
Just in case you are wondering what your Bochur does at night, watch the video below, and see your Tzaddikel block people, cars and buses, that are trying to get home after a hard days work! 
Hey Eligible Girls, looking to get married? Watch your future husband leave his night seder and be "mevateil Torah"  to dance in the streets... 

Watch your "Ben Torah" discard "Ve'uhavtah Le'riacha Kamoicha" so he can have a good time at the expense of people sitting in cars, whose wives are waiting for them to come home!

Notice that there isn't 1 "working guy"

I wonder why?

The video below is from THEYESHIVAWORLD blog, 

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Ma'achilei Oisoi gachlei retamim