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Ami Magazine calls Vocational Colleges that solicit Chareidim "Morally repulsive"

The "morally repulsive,"  Frankfurter, publisher of the "Pro-Satmar Anti-Israel" Magazine, Ami, continues to make a fool of himself!

In this week's edition, The Frank, writes an editorial about his visit to the Jerusalem College of Technology's Machon Lev Institute, Israel's leading school of engineering for Modern men and women. 

The Institute was founded by the late Professor Zev Lev primarily for Hesder Talmidim. 

Machon Lev combines academic studies with Jewish learning and enrolls many Chareidim in separate campuses for men and women.

The Frank, interviewed the assistant to the President of the Mechon, Stuart Herskowitz, as he put it, to "ascertain whether Mechon Lev's goal was to teach a trade to those members of the chareidie community seeking a vocation to support themselves (a highly laudable undertaking), 
or to "meddle in the chareidi community's pedagogical philosophy and methods." 

 The Frank,  added the words, ("an ethically repugnant activity" in parenthesis, for some reason ... 

So, The Frank, traveled 5,000 miles from his home to Israel to "ascertain" if a school that helps Chareidim with parnassa and gives them a trade, that helps them support their families .... 
is "meddling" with "Chareidie philosophy"!

And what, does The Frank, think is Chareidie philosophy?

But he won't, G-d Forbid, come out and say it......
he masquerades his "do nothing philosophy" with a lot of sophisticated "word salad" to fool his readers into thinking that he advocates people training to have a trade!

To bolster his lie that he is all for Chassidim having a trade, he writes:
"It would be hard to find another Jewish periodical that publishes as many articles on the subject of business. We endeavor each week to assist our readers in overcoming their financial challenges and help them prosper."

It's true that The Frank, features every week business entrepreneurs,...... but what the clown won't tell you is that not everyone can start a business, and those that do, are a minority of a minority....very very few of them around.... 
and how many are successful? 
Ami doesn't feature those who started a business and failed.

Some need to go to school to learn a trade....Mr. Frankfurter!

He then rants and raves against learning a trade; but does his best to confuse his readers into thinking he is really for it, by quoting the halacha that requires learning a trade , which is  a Mishna in Mesactas Shabbos and is the final psak according to all Rishonim including the Rambam!

"Rav Meir famously said, "One should make sure to teach his son a trade that is clean and easy." 

And then, lest you think, that is The Frank's philosophy, he quickly switches, quoting the opposing view that is only designed for the very few, and  makes it the hallmark of his "editorial," saying that this is  Chareidie philosophy!

"By contrast, Rav Nehorai declared, "I forsake all professions in the world and teach my son only Torah"

Rav Nehorai's minhag is not the Halacha....and seems to contradict Reb Meir.

He  "resolves" this contradiction with the words of the Brisker Rav, (Whose Talmidim by in large never work for a living) 

"by making a distinction between general halacha and the exception to the rule. "

In other words, he makes you think that he actually agrees that most people should learn a trade, ....... 

but then, the sneak, bizarrely  advocates that the majority should  violate the halacha and follow the "Brisker Do Nothing" philosophy, and do nothing but learn! 
So now, the "exception to the rule" became the rule!

In fact, in the article he suggests, that Chareidie philosophy is not to learn a trade.

The truth is, that Rav Nehorai was not contradicting Reb Meir, he is  only suggesting this for himself and his son!

Getting back to the interview, (I took some excerpts of the interview)

The arrogant Frank, is badgering Stuart Herskowitz, if there are any "Gedolim" that support the Mechon...

"The bottom line is that your'e seeing huge changes in Israel society, It's happening from the bottom up. People in a society that generally listens to daas Torah just aren't listening --- or at least are doing their own thing, which is absolutely fascinating to me."

The reason people stopped listening to "daas Torah" is because this "do nothing"  philosophy is not "daas Torah," and is actually knegged the Torah, and that's the "fascinating" part.  

The reason the Roshei Yeshivos are against this  Halacha is because they want to control the students, it's all about POWER

It's not about Torah, because the Torah wants you to work for a living as the RBSH"O told Adam Harishon in Sefer Bereishes! 
Also MOST mitzvois are agricultural in it's nature, which requires getting your hands (G-D forbid) dirty!

The (Clown) Frank:
"But why help people defy their spiritual mentors and the values embraced by their community?

You follow The Frank's questioning? .... 
He wants to know  why the Mechon is helping people who finally had enough. 
Why help those who decide to break away from kvetching the seats in Yeshivas and who are starving to death? 
Why help those who are finally doing what's good for their families.....
Why "help" them.... the clown wants to know !

"Values embraced by their community?"

 Of course the Chareidim would embrace the DO NOTHING VALUES, it's easier to let the Chilonim work, pay taxes, put their children in the army and pay for the infrastructure, while they, the Chareidim  do nothing! 

But the Chareidim  go wild, crazy and scream when the State finally has enough of these parasites and cuts their checks, .... checks  that they received for over 60 years and never even had the decency to say  "thank you"!

"What I'm telling you is that the horse is already out of the barn. Even if the most eminent Gadol Hador were to get up and issue a ban against us, he couldn't stop us anymore. There are 7,000 chareidim in real colleges in Israel today: 1,700 are here, and we are growing."

Why would a true Gadol Hador even ban schools that combine Torah learning with a trade? Why?
Because teaching people a trade is against the Torah? 
How sick and demented is this?

The (Clown) Frank (keeps badgering Herskowitz):
"So you have no haskamah from the leaders of the community whose members you are trying to change.?

Did I hear, "trying to change?" 
Teaching someone to have a trade.... is "trying to change.?"

Why does anyone need an "haskama?"

From whom is he going to get an Haskama? From the Roshei Yeshivas that refuse to relinquish power?

Doesn't every Jew have this haskama from our Torah? To go out and earn a living? 

Doesn't every Jew promise this to his wife under the Chuppah in front of two witnesses? 

No one will give you a public haskama. Some of our students will tell you privately a lot of Rabbeim are very for it, and that almost none of them will say that you're absolutely not permitted, yeihareg v'al ya'avor. The guys in Mir say that the Rabbeim tell them to do whatever they need to do and not tell them about it."
A Stoliner guy explained to me how Mechon Lev caused him to open his eyes. 'I was sitting next to someone with a knit yarlmuka in the bais midrash, and I saw that he could learn as well as I can and he's just as religious. That allows me to go out into the world."

The (Clown)Frank: 
What does all this mean to you personally?"

To me, it's like living a miracle every day. How often do you get to be part of a real social revolution?"

The(Clown) Frank: 
"So you're talking about fomenting a revolution in a community to which you don't belong?"

Notice that Frankfurter is now discarding in the trash the Tanna Reb Meir's decree that he himself quoted before, that one should teach their children a trade... 
and is now upset with this "revolution."
The fact that people have decided to feed their families is now a "revolution?" 
It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic!

I'll tell you when the real "revolution" started ..... 

It started 35 years ago, when Power Hungry Roshei Yeshivas jealously noticed Lakewood grow from 150 Talmidim to thousands, they realized that if they discouraged bochrum in their own Yeshivos from learning a trade, the bochrim would then have to sit in Yeshivah, and the Roshei Yeshivah would then have thousands of talmidim stand up for them ...."Kovod Ha'Torah "...

They then encouraged the Rebbitzins in the Seminaries to preach to their naive students, the virtues of supporting their husbands in Kollel. 

And encouraged them to get a secular education to support their husbands....
but then this plan collapsed, because there were other "Gedoilim" that came out with a ban against women getting a secular education. 

Well, the "chickens have come home to roost" and the Chareidi  community is now saddled with hundreds of thousands of families with no parnassah....

Whose to blame...?
Well if you asked the "Gedoilim".... it's the Zionists...
Just like the Goyim blame all their problems and travails on the Jews, the "Gedoilim" blame all their problems on the Zionists!

Frankfurter tells  Hershkowitz that he is intruding in ..." a community you don't belong!" 

And which community do you belong ...Mr Frank? 

Don't you have a job?

The (Clown) Frank: 
But the community and all the gedoilim are fighting this intrusion, They're desperately trying to preserve their values"

Excuuuuuuuuuuse me! 
Gedoilim are fighting this "intrusion"?
Gedoilim are desperately trying "to preserve their values?"

Which "Gedoilim"?
What values? 
To have 15 kids and then starve them to death? 
Those values have to be "preserved"?

 .... Oh my G-D... the Gedoilim are fighting the Tanna Reb Meir... that requires people teach  their children a trade.....


It gets worse..... read on!

They're losing, even if the Gedoilim came out against it, they couldn't stop this trend. 

The (Clown)Frank: 
You're not officially a Chareidie college?
Why are you interested in Chareidim?

We see it as a shlichut, as our mission. It's changing Israeli society for the better"

The(Clown) Frank: 
Has anyone ever accused you of being proselytizers, intruding upon a society of which you are not a member?


Again ...."a society that you are not a member?" ... 
Isn't the motto for Klall Yisroel  
"Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh l'zeh?"

What about the kiruv movement ... aren't they "proselytizers" too?..

"intruding"???? ....Is he serious? 

A school minding it's own business, teaching Jews a trade with separate classes for men and women, is "intruding?"

And what's wrong with opening the eyes of the Chareidim, so they can make a living?

Hershkowitz" No.. the impetus is coming from them, not from us... We don't go out to recruit people from the Mir. We have an open house... they're coming in droves"

The (Clown) Frank:
"Even if it were true that Mechon Lev is not openly soliciting Chareidim, I found their attempts to change the values of a community that isn't theirs to be rather morally repulsive."

The Clown now admits that Mechon isn't even soliciting Chareidim..
So if they aren't recruiting or soliciting Chareidim, how are they "changing the values of a community?"

What ARE the "values of the community"?

The Frank doesn't come out and say it .... but the "values" 
The fruits of that insane philosophy is now coming to fruition and everyone now sees the brutal infighting and violence in Ponivetz, over Power, and that infighting and violence will soon spread to all Yeshivas.

Witness the open conflict with the followers of R' Shmuel Auerbach and the followers of R' Shteinman and R' Chaim Kanievski.

And aren't the Chareidim coming to the Mechon of their own volition?

What does The Clown want the Mechon to do ? Shut their doors to people that want to work for a living...

And what would be so wrong if they did in fact solicit, what would be so wrong if they did in fact recruit...?

Are the Rosh Yeshivos so insecure that they would ban an Institution that combines Torah with learning a trade?

What are they afraid of?
Are the Rosh Yeshivos afraid of losing their  power grip on their students?
How insane? 

A sick, demented, Frank!

Din: I find you, Mr. Frankfurter "morally" and physically "repulsive"
The whole 'editorial" is confusing, quoting the halacha then telling us that the Charadie Philosophy is against it and then being upset that there are people out there following Halacha, trying to help them with parnassa,?
Very bizarre! 
BTW: Just a word of advise, get a bigger koppel on your head, the one you have looks very silly!


Anonymous said...

Of course he's sick etc etc. Everyone who's thinking different than you is lucky to get a full load of dirty name callings from the beautiful education you learned from your mother, but bh we are zocha to see everything's that's said in chazal is being fulfilled hopefully soon we're going to be zoicha to VECHOL HAMINIM KEREGA YOVEIDU including those who don't believe in that

Anonymous said...

did you notice,how this piece of rotten frankfurter makes sure to insert a few pictures of his ugly face in every issue of that worthless rag,what a dirt bag he is

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He's a sick individual filled with hate toward Israel and Jews who are Chovevei Tzion. And yet, all the ignorant's lap up his every word as if he's the messiah itself. Repugnant.