Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cab driver Ahmed Mohammed. Taxi med: 6N76 Allegedly Harassing Jewish Passengers

    The following story just posted on Facebook 
    by Baila Sebrow

    "I was picked up by a cab. As he started driving, he turns around and asks, "are you Jewish?" I responded, "yes."
    He started screaming "all Jews must die." He then drove like crazy. I was terrified and began to scream. He then turned around and took me back where he picked me up from. Not to my destination.
    I got out and he started following me, making shooting signals with his fingers and taking pictures of me. He then said, "pay me...."
    I said, "for what?"

    At that point I was in a safe place and called the police. It took a long time. They came.

    This is the astonishing part:
    The police were nasty. They claimed it was hearsay and told the driver to charge me while I was even waiting for the police! I objected. 

    The officer said if I don't pay, she will arrest me!
    If in New York City please be aware: Taxi Med: 6N76
    Middle Eastern Driver. His name is Ahmed Mohammed
    Company Name:

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